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To carry out the original warm poncho it is necessary to have at itself: Spokes circular size 3, 5-3, 75 mm A set of spokes of direct and a small-sized 4 mm each hinge holder, an additional spoke to execute a pattern of "braid" of a short length, a marker the recommended yarn: Knit Picks Elegans (70% baby Alpaca, 30% silk, 100m/50g) or similar in composition. The density of knitting is: 20 * 28 loops = 10 * 10 Stocking Viscous-Spokes 4 mm. 

Peculiarities of work: pullover-Kimono is knitted on circular spokes, in a direction from below to the top till the end of a pattern of a braid. Then the backrest and before knitting by means of direct spokes, each detail separately.

The sleeves of the product in the same way.

At the end of the mating-all the details are sewn.

Knit for size 38-40.

Girth Chest finished product: 82.5 cm.

Yarn Quantity: 11 Yarn Knit Picks yarn or similar in composition.

Patterns: Circular pattern "braid-mesh", "braid", "braided". "Braid-Mesh" 3LPC-2 loops in front of the canvas on the holder, 1 purl, remove the two facial before work. 3RPC-To remove 1 loop and leave behind a cloth, 2 obverse, 1 purl behind a cloth. C4F-2 loops in front of product, 2 facial, 2 facial before work to remove. C4b-To remove 2 loops behind a cloth on a holder, 2 obverse, to remove 2 obverse at work.

Braid Pattern: Dial an odd number of loops, in this case 17. C6B: 3 loops at work, 3 facial, remove 3 faces from the holder. C6F: 3 loops before work, 3 facial, remove 3 faces with auxiliary spokes.

Range First: (Obverse side of knitting): 2 Facial, 2 Purls, 9 Facial, 2 Purls, 2 facial.

Second row: 2 Purls, 2 Facial, 9 purl, 2 facial, 2 purl.

The third range: two facial, two purls, c6f, three facial, two purls, two facial.

Number five: Repeat as the first.

Seventh rank: 2 Facial, 2 Purls, 3 Facial, c6f, 2 purls, 2 facial.

Number eight: Repeat as the second. Again to touch the picture completely. Pattern "Braided Line" (to dial an even number of loops, in this case multiple 6): c6b: Leave 3 loops at work, 3 facial, remove 3 faces from the spokes at work. C6F: Leave 3 loops before work, 3 Facial, remove 3 facial with spokes before work.

Rows 1, 5 (obverse side of knitting): Obverse surface.

Rows 2, 4, 6, 8 (even): purl surface.

Range 3:3 Facial, * C6B; Repeat from *, at the end of the row to perform 3 facial. Number 7: * C6F; Repeat from * to the end of the series. Repeat pattern from the first to the eighth row.

Job: Dial 168 loops. Mark the edge of the product and side with a marker and lock the product in a circle. There are three repetitions of the "braid-grid" ornament. Then disconnect the cloth on the parts of the backrest and front: 84 loops. Move the hinges of the front part to the other spokes.

The backrest is knitted on the straight spokes until the length is 31 cm from the beginning of the braids at the waist. Close the edge. Right Shelf front dial 42 loops on the left side of the spokes. From the middle of the product knit one-face smoothness, thus reduce one loop at the beginning of the series. For a neat edge of all the decrease it is recommended to perform the method of pulling. In each 6th row, make another 11. Continue knitting straight. Stop when the length is 31 cm from the top of the braid at the waist. Close the edge.

The left side of the front is symmetrically right (but the decrease is done by tying the two loops together).

Sleeve on the straight spokes are gaining 17 loops, then knit the pattern of the braid to a length of 42 cm. Checkout the last row. Dial 85 stitches on the cuff. For 40 cm finish the mating. Knit sleeves one-sided smooth. First row: 2 Facial, 2 purls (2 * 2), repeat until end of row. 1-St Circle (for convenience denote RS): * 3LPC, 3RPC, 2 Purls, replay from the asterisk. 2nd: P1, * 4 Facial, 4 Purls, replay from star and stop for 7 loops before marker, 4 facial, 3 purls. 3rd: P1, * c4f, 4 Purls, replay from Asterisk to 7 loops before marker, further-c4f, 3 purls. 4th: Knit as the second. 5th: * 3rpc, 3LPC, 2 Purls, replay from star. 6th: * 2 Facial, 2 purls, repeat from * to 4 loops in front of marker, 2 facial, 1 purl. One loop must be left before the marker. 7th: Leave 1 loop behind the cloth, remove the marker, 2 facial, 1 purl from the holder *, 3RPC, 2 purls, 3LPC, repeat from *. 8th: 2 Facial, * 4 Purls, 4 facial, repeat from * to 2 loops before marker. 9th: (leave 2 loops for knitting, remove marker, 2 facial, 2 facial with additional spokes) * c4b, 4 purls, repeat from *. 10th: * 4 Facial, 4 Purls, repeat from *, at the end of the circle perform 3 Purls (one loop must remain in front of the marker). 11th: Remove 1 loop behind the cloth, remove the marker, 2 facial, 1 purl with additional spokes, * 3rpc, 3LPC, 2 izn, repeat from *. 12th: The whole circle of gum 2 * 2. 13th: * 3LPC, 3RPC, 2 purls, replay from *. 14th: Knit as in the second round. 15th: 1 purl, * c4b, 4 purl-Repeat from *, at the end of the circle to perform 3 purls. 16th: Repeat the 

Lace. It is knitted with the help of a stocking spokes. Set of a series with 4 loops, * to touch 1 row of obverse, not to twist a cloth, to rearrange loops on the other side of two-sided spokes. Repeat from sprocket to required length.

Assembly give details a look. To steam the parts of the product with the help of an iron. Sew Sleeves. Design of the neck on the spokes with diameter of 4 mm dial 24 -30 loops and pattern "braided line" to decorate the necessary length. Knitting is not tight to look relief. Loops close. Sew to the pullover. Belt knit on straight spokes size 4 mm, dial 4 loops and up to the desired length (each has its own). Sew on the waist line in several places. Not too tight not to deform the product.  

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