Women white vest with a crochet edging

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A simple and elegant vest with a wavy border around the edge is an exceptionally feminine thing. 
Magazine "Little Diana" № 10/2017 

34/36 (40/42) 46/48 

Yarn (46% silk, 38% cotton, 16% beads; 160 m / 25 g) - 325 (350) 375 g white with beads; hook number 4. 


The number of loops of the initial row is a multiple of 15 + 2. Knit according to the pattern from arrow A. Start from the loop before the repeat, repeat the repeat, end with the loop after the repeat. From the 1st to the 3rd row to link 1 time, then the 2nd and 3rd rows constantly repeat. 

The group of loops on the diagram on a gray background will be called “fan” in the following. 

knit by the scheme (green icons) directly from the initial row. To do this, enter the hook at arrow B and tie the 1st to 4th rows 1 time. 

24 p. X 10.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm, knit main pattern. 


Vest knit a single cloth. 


Run a chain of 212 (242) 272 vp + 2 inc. lifting and knitting with the main pattern = 14 (16) 18 rapports + 1 initial and 1 final loop. 

After 52.5 cm = 55 rows (50.5 cm = 53 rows) 48.5 cm = 51 rows from the initial row, divide and mark the work: 1 initial loop + 4 (4) 5 rapports + 1 final loop for the right shelf, 6 (8) 8 rapports for the back and 4 (4) 5 rapports for the left shelf. 

First, continue to knit back, while in the 1st p. for armholes on both sides, leave 3 loops on each side. 

After 72 cm from the initial row, finish the job.

Next on the last 4 (4) 5 rapports + 1 end loop, continue to knit the left shelf, while in the 1st p. Leave 3 loops on the armhole from the right working edge. 

At the same time for the bevel of the front through 52.5 cm = 55 p. from the initial row in the next front row after the 1st “fan”, before and after the 2nd and 3rd “fans” and before the 4th “fan” (after the 1st “fan”, before and after 2 second and third "fans" and before the 4th "fan") after the 1st "fan", before and after the 2nd and 4th "fans" and before the 5th "fan", comply with 1 tbsp. s / n less = 6 (6) 8 increments for each row with increments. Repeat these reductions 3 more times in every 6th row. Due to these reductions, both the neck bevel and the armhole bevel are obtained. 

Finishing work on the remaining shoulder loops at the height of the backrest.

Right shelf to perform on the first 4 (4) 5 rapports + 1 initial loop in the mirror image. 


Run shoulder seams. Tie a hem along the bottom of the vest. 

The edges of the shelves, including the neck and armholes, tie 1 row / circular row of connecting posts.

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