Pullover with lace tracks for kids free pattern

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This pullover can be knitted from both warmer and lighter yarn, the main thing is to monitor the knitting density and the size of the product. 

110/116 (122/128) 134/140 

Yarn (100% wool; 410 m / 100 g) - 200 (200) 300 g of lilac melange; hook number 3 and 3.5. 


ST. B / N 
Each row to start with 1 vp rise instead of 1st st. b / n 

Knit 12 p. Of the initial series according to the scheme. Rows rotate as shown in the diagram. Start with loops before rapport, repeat regularly, repeat loops after rapport. 
The 1st to 14th rows are constantly repeated. 

Knitting density 
22 p. X 9 p = 10 x 10 cm, connected with an openwork pattern; 
22 p. X 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm, Art. b / n 

Make a life-size pattern for the sleeve and check all the additions during knitting, applying work to the pattern.


Execution Job 

Hook № 3 perform initial chain of 73 (82) 100 ce + 3 inc. lifting, knit 4 cm st. b / n, then crochet number 3.5 according to the scheme. 

After 40 (45) 50 cm from the initial row crochet number 3, another 4 cm of art. b / n 

After 44 (49) 54 cm from the initial row, finish the part. 

Knitting is the same as back, but with a deeper neck. To do this, after 34 (39) 44 cm from the initial row, leave the average 27 (28) 32 points unbound, shoulders finish separately, with each p. on the edge of the neck, subtract 1 item. 

After 40 (45) 50 cm from the initial row, finish the part. 

Loop the shoulder and neck crochet number 3 st. b / n, at the same time for rounding the neck in each of the 2nd p. subtract 1 p.

Detail finish at the height of the back. 

Hook number 3 to perform a chain of 5 vp + 3 in. lift up, knit 4 cm of art. b / n Then crochet No. 3.5 with a pattern according to the scheme, at the same time, divide the detail from the middle and knit 8 (9) 10 cm for the cuffs of the sleeves, respectively, on both sides 

. Finish the detail 25 (30) 35 cm from the initial row. 

parts lightly moisten, stretch according to the dimensions specified in the pattern, chop on the pattern, leave to dry completely. 

Run shoulder seams. Sew the sleeves so that the middle of the neck of the sleeves coincides with the shoulder seam. Run side seams and sleeve seams. 

At the end of the seams slightly otparit.

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