Sleeveless Stylish Cardigan Free Pattern

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Cardigan Size: 36/38-40/42-44/46 

You will need: Yarn Sublime Organic Merino Wool DK (100% Wool, 105 m/50 g)-350-450-450 g blue color, spokes № 3 and 4, 1 button. 

The Density of Knitting: 22 p. x 28 rows = 10 x 10 cm. 

Platelka Mating: persons. and N. Rows of persons. P. 

Facial surface: Faces. Rows of persons. P., N. Series-Izn. P. 

Purl Surface: persons. Series-Izn. P., N. Rows of persons. P. 

The Basic pattern: knit According to the scheme and descriptions. Repeat the 1-8 series. 

Backrest: Dial on the thin spokes 102-114-124 p. and knit a Platelkoj 4 rows, increasing the last row number of loops to 110-122-124 through the same distance. Change the spokes to thicker and start knitting with a row on the front side of the trail. Way: Bring in 25-30-35 persons. Stitch, 2 P. N. A stitch, 20 p. A pattern on a scheme, 16-18-18 p. Reverse a smooth, 20 p. A pattern on a scheme, 2 p. Reverse a smooth, 25-30-35 p. A front smooth. Knit loops in this order. Start with the 9th row of the make-up: lay on both sides of the middle of a wide part of the IZN. Side by 2 H. P. Together. Repeat such a decrease every 6th row five more times. Continue the remaining 98-110-120 p. Knit the main pattern of 11-11-17 rows, then start to add loops. Add on both sides of the same reverse strips on 1 p. Each 8-th row, 6 times. Add a trace. Way: Push the thread between the two loops, turning the Viscous. At An altitude of 41-42-44 cm mark with the meter thread of the lower edge of the armholes of sleeves, continue all 110-122-132 p. Knit pattern on the scheme. At an altitude of 60-62-66 cm close on both sides for the shoulder each 2nd row of 3 x 4-5-5 p. Close to the track. The secondary row of the middle 28-30-32 is for the neck and tie one half first. Lower the edge of the neck 1 p. Each row, closing simultaneously on the edge for the shoulder each 2nd row 2 x 4-5-6 p., 2 x 5-5-6 p. and 1 x 6 p.

Left Shelf: Dial on the thin spokes 50-66-66 p. and bring 4 rows of platinum binding, increase the last row number of loops to 62-82-82 through the same distance. Change the spokes to thicker and start knitting pattern on the scheme, repeating the figure of 20 loops 3-4-4 times and the left edge of the product (= Cutting edge) 2 p. Persons. Surface. When you pull 8 rows of pattern, lower the trail. Row 1 p. On the edge, repeat then reduce each 6th row five more times. Bring after the last decrease of 11-11-17 rows, adding behind the trail. Row on the edge of 1 p. Repeat This addition every 8th row 5 more times = 62-82-82 p. Mark the edge with a meter thread at the same height as on the backrest. Close, starting from the edge, each 2nd row of 8-4-4 x 5-7-7 p. and another 0-4-4 x 8 p. Then dial to the remaining 22 loops of the lateral edge on 1 p., continuing to knit pattern until the strip begins to go out of the middle of the neck of the backrest. Put the Loops Aside. 

Right Shelf: Knit in mirror reflection left. 

Assembly of the details of the vest: follow the shoulder seams of the trail. Way: Attach the extra loops of the shoulder front to the shoulder hinges. Connect the neck loops together, sew the collar to the edge of the backrest neck. Follow the side seams to the meter threads. Sew to the edge of one shelf at the waist level buttonhole for the button, sew to the second shelf button.

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