Stylish Shalw Free Pattern

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Before you beautiful and not complicated thing-knitted cape Spokes. It is very well knit under the watch favorite TV show or series. Hands are busy, doing, and the head looks for the adventures of favorite characters. A great opportunity to spend time with the benefit of TV.

And of course, in the future, it will serve as a wonderful heater in the cooler days of the off-season. When the house is still cold and uncomfortable. It will warm and create comfort.

The whole story turned out with this model. I found it in a small form, where almost do not disassemble the text in the description of knitting. I've been straightening the editor for a long time, and I thought I'd pull it out. But nothing good happened. I'm quite desperate that you won't show this beauty to you. But fate turned out to be a surprise. I started looking for something similar in my journals. I look at the magazine Felice and understand that it should be polished. And for sure! This model is in my archives! What a surprise! That's how it happens. Miracles happen at every step. So here's a description and a scheme in good quality.

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