Knitting Vest Youth Model Pattern

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Vest Youth model

P 44 Yarn consumption 150 g. Spokes No.3
1 Dial 30 loops. Knit Rubber Band 2x2
At the same time in each even row leave the undercooked 1 loop without closing it, leaving on the spokes.
2 then the series go on all loops on the spokes of the transverse Rubber Band 2 * 2 removing one loop on the right each 4 row
3 next 15 cm Rubber Band 2 * 2
4 then knit the Rubber Band 2 * 2 in each even row by removing the 1st loop (form the armhole) without reaching the end of the 2 loops to make the armlet was even.
The last 5 loops close all at once.
The backrest is knitted with an elastic band 2 * 2 forming an armpiece similar to a shelf
Sew the backrest and shelves on the sides.
We type the loops of a shelf of a match of a shelf and vyvyazat a collar shalku. Rubber Band 2 * 2. The size of the collar according to your desire.

Source : https://vk.com/club80847474?w=wall-80847474_1034%2Fall

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