Knitting Cap and Sweater Free Pattern

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Cap with openwork pattern 
Girth of Toloay: 54-56 cm. Height 21 cm 
You Potrebuetso: 50 g zenjonoj color 39), Red! Color 21), Zhjontoj (color 12), Svetno-zenjonoj (color 48), pale pink (color 31, White (color 181 and purple (color 27) yarn Classico (100% Merserizovanno • Go cotton, 110 m/50 RL Lana Grossa; Hook № 4.5. 
A11urnyi pattern • c art. C/N: Knit by 
Circuit Circle. Rows. Run a chain-ku of 6 humidity. P. and close it conn. Art. In the ring. To tie a ring in 1-St R. 12 Art. c/N, replacing 1 St. c/N for 3 humidity. P. 1 and every trace. Range of starting with three humidity. P. Lifting instead of 1st. c/N and finish 1 Coen. Art. In the 3rd humidity. P. lifting. The diagram shows a third of the beanie. This scheme should be repeated three times in a row. After the 2nd R. = 24 Art. S/N. In the 3rd p. Knit alternately 24 x (1st. S/N and 1 Cartloads, p. 1 = 48 p. After 4-ro p. = 72 art. S/N. In the 5th p. also knit 72 p. = 36 x (alternately 1st. S/N, 1 humidity. 1. At the end of B-th R. = 90 St. S/n , for what to knit alternately 1 x 3 and 1 x 2 art. S/n in humidity. P. prev. Row. In the 7th R. = 90 p. In the 8th p. Add another 15 p., for which in each 3 vozn. P. Knit on 3 art. S/N and in the trail. Humidity. N. by 2 art. C/n = 105 p. vn􀃀ma􀃁me: Art. S/n NAC humidity. N. Knit in VOZN. N. Precydushhego R. To perform 1 time from the 1st to the 9th P., thus in the 9th P. When repeating the tretei of a number of slecit to alternated 1 art. c/N and 1 Vojen. N. And at the end before Coen. Art. There was 1 vozn. L. Thus added 1 p. = 106 p. sequence of strips: • Knit on 1 p. Yellow, light-zepjonoj, Bnenno-pink, violet. White, red and green thread = 7 R.,
Create from •. Attention: When changing the color Posnennjuju loop Rjana Knit 
Special yarn colors for smooth color transitions. In addition, the starting and ending segments of the threads when changing colors to bind together to simplify the process of fastening the ends of the threads at the end of the work. 
1oza density • •: openwork pattern from art. S/N: 21 N. and 8.5 circle. R. = cm. 
Job Description: Zhjoptoj thread to dial 6 humidity. P. and connect them to the ring Conn. Art. Knit openwork pattern of art. c/N in a circle in the specified sequence Nonoc. In 10-th R. In each Vojed. P. Knit again on 2 art. c/n = 1 on p. 9th and 10th p. Repeat 4 more times = Total 18 p. After 18-ro R. Finish the job. Posnennij Rjac perform Fiopetovoj thread.

Sweater of floral motifs 
Size: 36-42 
You will require •: 200 g bnecno-Pink (color 3), on 150 g zenjonoj (color 39), Fiopetovoj (color 271 and svetlozeljonoj (color 481, by 100 g white color 181, red (color 211 and Zhjontoj (color 121 yarn Classico (100% Merserizovannogo Hpopka, 11 o m/50 gl Lana Grossa; Hook № 4.5, circular spokes № 4.5. 
Square Cvetochnyi of the ILO •: Knit on the scheme 5 circle. R. Execute a chain of 6 humidity. P. and close it in the ring Conn. Art. Tie the ring from the VOZN. N. In 1-p, alternating art. c/N and humidity. N., replacing 1st. c/N for 3 humidity. N. This and the next circle. Rows completing 1 Conn. Art. To the beginning of the 2nd and 3rd round. Rjaca go through 1 conn. Art "as shown in the diagram. In the 2nd, 3rd and 5th circle. R. Art. b/n knit in Vojed. N. prev. Row. After the 5th row finish the motive. Attention: Each motif Vynonnjat threads with colors: A set chain, 1st and 2nd. Knit in one color. 3rd, and 4th and 5th p. by the third color. When changing the color of the last loop of the series knit yarn of the next color d11ja smooth nepexona colors.
REZMN1A: Alternately 1 persons, 1 IPMs. Vozan density • •: 1 square Motif: = 11 x 11 cm.
Job Description: Clja cn • H • • Transmit • Sleeves to perform 74 floral motifs, alternating colors according to the model photo or optional. Starting from the 2nd motive, bonding motif in 5th p. With Nrenynushhim motif, see. Conn. Art. With Strepkami on the diagram. At neighboring motives to connect Vcerna 2 middle art. c/N at the appropriate point. At the corners of Jern Conn. Art. Replace the center. Vojed. N. and connect the motif with the corresponding angle of the neighboring motif. DPJ the diagram shows 4 motives. Dnja the neck to leave the upper edges open in the center between the three middle motifs of the backrest and pass. 
On circular spokes on the bottom edges of sleeves bnenno-pink thread to dial on 72 p. (on 18 N. On each motive] and to knit a circle Ppanku rubber band. P. At the height of the gum 5 cm loop close on the picture. ­

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