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Sh (shishechka) - 1 persons.p., 1 a.n., 1 persons.p. - knit from 1 item. 

Rapport 4 p. + 2 p. 
1st r .:  (persons. Side) knit ap. 
2nd r .:  1 persons.p., * Ш, 3 items together; repeat from * to the last point, 1 persons.p. 
3 rd р .:  knit o.n. 
Fourth р .:  1 persons.p., * 3 items together are out., Ш; repeat from * to the last point, 1 persons.p. 
Repeat these 4 rows.

This pattern is formed by overturned loops . To knit the sample, the number of loops multiples of 5 plus 2 loops for the symmetry of the pattern, plus 2 edge loops, is obtained.

1 row: * 2 purl, 3 facial *, 2 purl;

2 rows : 2 facial, * 3 purl, 2 facial *;

3 rows: * 2 purlins, 3 facial, 3 facial rapport loop to the left through the 4th and 5th facial loops *, 2 purl;

4 rows: 2 facial, * 1 purl, nakid, 1 purl, 2 facial *.

Then the pattern is repeated from the first row.

Legend to the pattern knitting pattern
A classical facial loop, unless otherwise indicated in the description of the pattern.

A classic purl loop, unless otherwise indicated in the text.

Nakid. The end of the right knitting needle grasps the working thread from the bottom right to left, to itself. Nakid is made for the education of azhur.

An overturned loop. The end of the left knitting needle is grasped by a loop (or nakid) and extends into it two next loops.


Pullover Peacock Feather

Here and again the cold is approaching, again we need to get warm things - and knit new ones! 
Here's a cool model of the old-new pullover, I really like this peacock feather pattern! 
As soon as his knitters around the world do not beat!

Model without detailed description. but I think it will be easy to connect it. Although, of course, the work is labor-intensive - the thread is thin, you need to knit carefully ... And the calculation will have to be made according to its size and yarn. 
We type the necessary number of loops, we knit an elastic band - 34 cm. After the elastic we begin to knit a pattern to a height of 66 cm. Sleeves are vtachnye, so you need to weave the armhole.

How to knit a pattern? 
In rapport in the width of 17 loops, 1-4 rows are repeated upwards. 
At the beginning and end of the row, the first and last loop of the row is knit by the facial - these are the edge loops. 
1 row: {* 2 together facial * -repeat 2 times (only 3 times), * cape, facial * - repeat 5 times, cake, * 2 together facial * - repeat 3 times} -repeat until the end of the series. 
2nd row: * 3 purl, 11 facial, 3 purl * - repeat to the end of the row.
3 row: * remove the first two loops on the additional spoke, the third from the beginning of the loop to tie the front, the previous two to tie the front ones so that they are behind the previously tied loop, 11 facial, remove one loop on the extra spoke and leave before knitting, the next two facial, tie the front of the left loop so that it was in front of these two facial * - repeat to the end of the series. 
4 row: all purl. 
Then the pattern repeats from the 1st row. There are contradictions in the description of the pattern and the scheme, because the loops are drawn on the diagram the way they look in the article, and I painted the way I should knit, because we turn the knitting, so when knitting even numbers, the work is on our side.
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