Vest with Pattern

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Vest with a pattern Dimensions: 42/44 (52/54 in) for size 42/44, the number is in front of brackets, for size 52/54 in parentheses. If there is one number, it applies to all the measures. 
You will need: yarn (72% Alpaca, 16% polyamide, 12% wool; 190 m/50 g)-150 (200) G black and 100 (150) G white; Spokes N4 4.5 and 5 (in case of loose knitting) or Ns 5 and 5.5 (at dense vya-Zania); 4 Black-brown Pu-govsy. 
Pattern 1: (Spokes BA 4.5 or 5) strap pattern = Alternately 1 facial, 1 purl. Pattern 2: (Spokes Yes 5 or 5.5) OS-Novnoy pattern, facial surface = facial Rows-facial loops, Purls series-purls loops, knit jacquard Uzo-ROM on the counting scheme. On the scheme are given only facial rows, in the nano-series of loops knit on the figure. Constantly repeat raport in width on 8 p. and in You-100 on 16 р. 
The density of knitting: 17 p. x 18 P. = 10 x 10 cm, is associated with the main pattern. 
The backrest: on thinner spokes (up to 4.5 or 5) by a black thread on-take 104 (120) Loops and 6 sm in a pattern of a lath, then to pass on thicker spokes (yes 5 or 5.5) and to knit the basic pattern, thus on both parties to add through every 2.6 sm 17 x 1 P. = 138 (154) p. odn Oval-Menno through 29 (27) cm from the lath mark on both sides of the beginning of the armhole. After 19 (21) cm from the beginning of the Armi close for the shoulder on both sides in each 2nd p. 10 x 5 p. (2 x 5 p. + 8 x 6 p.). For the neck close the remaining 38 p. 
Left shelf: On more thin spokes (BA 4.5 or 5) Black to enter 48 (56) loops and to be 6 SM a pattern of a lath, further to pass on thicker spokes (BA 5 or 5.5) and to knit the basic pattern. Thus on the right edge every 2.6 cm at-dd 17 x 1 P. = 65 (73) p. OD-Novremno through 29 (27) cm from the bar on the right side mark the beginning of the armhole and through 34 cm from the bar close to the left for V-shaped neck 1 p., then through every 1.7 cm for-wing 14 x  1 p. Through 19 (21) cm from the beginning of the armholes to perform the hollow bevel as on the backrest. 
Right shelf: Knit Simme-trically left shelf. Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. For a lath of a neck and behind-stitches on boards to dial a thread on more thin spokes (164.5 or 5) 120 p., on the edge of mountains-Lovina of a back 40 p. = 280 p. and to enter a lath a rubber band, thus on a lath of a clasp of the right on-Ločki to execute 4 holes for buttons SM from the beginning of a lath in a lyceum row to touch from the bottom edge of 14 p., 2 p. Close, 16 p. Projazit, from ' to repeat 2 times, 2 p. For-to cover and a number to pass till the end. In the next Vixen row instead of closed 2 p. re-take 2 p. Sew buttons. Along the edges of the black thread on the more thin spokes (MA 4.5 or 5) to dial 70 p. and tie 3 rows only facial, then close all loops. Perform side seams.

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