Flared dress with raglan sleeves free pattern

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 dimensions XS (S-M-L) XL; chest girth: 81 (88–94–104) 111 cm; waist girth: 71 (78–81–86) 89 cm; girth of the hips: 94 (98–101–109) 116 cm; width along the bottom edge: 131 (135–139–146) 154 cm; sleeve width before the armhole: 28 (29–31–33) 35 cm; total length: 86 (87–89– 90) 91 cm; sleeve length: 49 cm for all sizes. The length can be varied. 

You will need 
Duo Yarn (55% merino wool, 45% cotton; 124 m / 50 g) - 7 (8–9–9) 10 skeins (50 g each) pastel-blue;
Tynn Silk Mohair yarn (57% mohair wool, 28% silk, 15% sheep wool; 212 m / 25 g) - 3 (4–5–5) 6 hanks (50 g each) melange pastel-blue; circular and stocking needles number 4.5; loop markers. 


Facial surface 
In the circular rows only knit facial loops. 

When knitting in rows in the forward and reverse directions: front rows - front loops, purl rows - back loops. 

Add 1 p. 
From the broach knit 1 person. crossed (= needle to enter under the working thread from the seamy side). 

The density of knitting is 
16 points. = 10 cm. It is connected with the front satin stitch of double thread on the needles No. 4,5.

The dimensions refer to the finished product, include allowances for freedom of movement and correspond to the reduced knitting density pattern. Check your knitting density pattern with the above. If you knit more tightly or loosely, replace the knitting needles with a full-measure number more or, respectively, less. 

The model knits with a double thread (= 1 pastel-blue thread + 1 melange pastel-blue thread) from the bottom up, from the bottom edge to the neck. 

Performing work 

back and before 
start from the bottom edge. 

Dial circular needles with 210 210 (216–222– 234) 246 sec. And knit with a front satin pattern in circular rows. 

Mark the bevels for the skirt wedges = 35 (36–37–39) 41 points for each wedge with markers.

After 5 cm from the dial-up row, reduce for 1 beveling of bevels on both sides of each marker (= knot 2 paragraphs together with the front one crossed before the marker, 2 points along the front side of the marker together) together = 12 points all down. every 4 (4–4–4) 4.5 cm another 4 times = 150 (156–162– 174) 186 p. 

Now leave only 2 markers for marking the sides, remove the remaining 4 markers.

After 28 (28–29–29) 30 cm from the dial-up row, decrease to 1 p. For fitting on both sides of each marker = only 4 pts. Repeat these cuts every 2.5 (3–3– 2.5) 2 cm 8 more (7–7–8) 10 times = 114 (124–130–138) 142 p.

After 57 (57–57–56) 56 cm from the dial-up row add on both sides for bevels 1 p. As follows: knit a row to the last loop before the 1st marker, add 1 p., 2 persons, add 1 p The increase is similar to repeat on both sides of the 2nd marker. 

Then repeat the same increments every 3 (3–2.5–2) 1.5 cm and 3 (3–4–6) 8 times = 130 (140–150– 166) 178 points. 

70 cm from the dial (for all sizes) close on both sides for 6 points on armholes (= 3 points on both sides of each marker). 

Work to postpone. 

For stocking knitting needles dial double thread 30 (30–32–34) 36 n. And knit the front of the stitch in circular rows.

After 15 (15–13–13) 12 cm, attach the marker to the first and last loops of the circular row and add 1 p. On both sides of the marker. Repeat these increments for bevels every 4.5 (4.5–4–4) 3.5 cm until 44 (46–50–52) 56 p. Are on the spokes. 

Close 49 cm from the dial, close for armor 6 p. (= 2 p. With a marker + 2 p. On both sides of the marker). The remaining loops are set aside. 

The second sleeve is knit similarly. 

The upper part of the bodice with raglan bevels Peresovlennye 
loop of both sleeves to reshoot the circular needles with loops front and back, placing the loop of the sleeves on both sides between the back and front in place closed for proym loop = 194 (208–226–246) 266 p.

Attach markers for marking raglan bevels at the joints of parts. 

Knit with a front satin surface in circular rows, start a circular row from the center line of the back, at the same time for Raglan bevels, reduce 8 points, for this, knit 2 paragraphs together with the front one and after each marker 2 points together with the front one crossed. These reductions are repeated in every 2nd round. another 12 (13–15–16) 17 times = 90 (96–98–110) 122 pp. 

Then leave the average 11 (14–15–19) 21 p. of the front neckline, cut the thread and then knit in rows in the forward and reverse directions, 1st row = front row. 

To round the neckline, leave at the beginning of each row 3 p., At the same time performing the reductions for raglan bevels in the front rows.

At the end of the rounding of the neck, retake the working spokes of the deferred neck loops of the front, knit 1 circle on all the loops. front stitch and simultaneously close all the loops. 

Run the seams armhole.

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