Baby Blanket Free Pattern

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Ok. 80 x 80 cm 

You will need 
Yarn (100% Wool; 60 m/50 g)-350, 3 color Ecret, 250 g black, the remains of pink and emerald; Spokes № 4 and 7; Short circular spokes № 4; Long circular spokes № 7; Hook № 6; For pullover 2 buttons in the form of cats. 

Patterns and diagrams 

Facial surface 
Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops. 

Platinum Binding 
Facial and Purls ranks knit facial. 

Motive "fur head" for 42 Petlyas 
Knit on the counting scheme of the facial smoothness with threads of several balls. When changing the colors of the thread crossed on the reverse side. From the 1st to the 62 series of the link 1 time, then knit facial smooth thread of the main color. 

Density of knitting 
15 p. x 21 R. = 10 x 10 cm. 

Work execution 
On spokes № 7 a thread of colour of an eckyu to dial 106 p. and to knit between kromovyi persons. Surface. 

After 20 cm from the initial row on the average 42 loops to perform the motive "seal head". After 70 cm from the initial row all loops close straight. 

Cover the stretch, humidify and let dry. 

Pupils embroider with a smooth emerald thread, a spout-pink. For a moustache a thread of color Eckyu to execute 8 chains from V.P. of different length and to sew them (see photo). 

On the edges of the cover on circular spokes № 7 black thread dial 106 p., in each corner to dial 1 p. = 428 p. and knit 5 cm Platelkoj, with each 2nd round. P. On both sides of the corner loop add 1 p., then all loops close.

Source : https://vk.com/public170390569?w=wall-170390569_451

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