Cap and Sweater Free Pattern

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Size: 80/86 (92/98 in) 104/110 
You will need for a pullover and cap: 300 (350) 350 g pale-grey (929) yarn Cool Wool Big (100% wool, 120 m/50 g) and 50 g white (8) yarn Leggero (100% microphaser fibre, 160 m/50 g) Lana Grossa; Circle. Spokes № 4.5; Set of № 4.5; Hook № 4 and № 6. 
The scheme of knitting caps needles. 
Pattern for laths: Alternately 1 persons., 1 H. Purl Surface: persons. Series Hinges, Ranks – persons. Loops.; In the circular rows of knit. Loops. Facial surface: Faces. Ranks – persons. Hinges, Series Loops. 
Pattern with coconuts 1: knit according to scheme 1. In the Izh. (even) rows of knit loops on the figure. Repeat from 1st to 12th p. 
Pattern with Coconuts 2: knit as pattern 1, but according to scheme 2. 
Gum: 1 row (front): * 1 persons., 1 N., repeat from * 2 times, 1 persons.; 2 row: knit on the figure; 3 row: * 1 neck (from 1 p. Vyvyazka 3 P. (1 persons., 1 person, 1 person.), then these 3 p. Translate to the left spoke and reverse together), 1 izn, repeat from * 2 times, 1 Shushochka; 4 row: * 1 N., 1 persons., repeat from * 2 times, 1 H. Repeat from the 1st to the 4th row. 
Density of knitting. Combination of patterns, thread Cool Wool Big: 23 p. x 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm; Purl surface, Thread Cool Wool Big: 22 p. x 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 
Description of the work of the CAP with Pompins for the girl, knitting needles: 
Girth head: 40 cm 
1st earphone: 2 hosiery Spokes № 4.5 thread Cool Wool Big dial 4 p. and knit faces. Smoothness, adding on both sides in each 2nd P. 8 times to 1 p. = 20 p. When the spokes will be 10 p., knit on the average 8 p. Pattern with Kosam 1 and 2, starting with the 5th row. On other added loops to knit 4 p. izn. and 1 p. Elastic band. Loops to postpone. The 2nd earpiece link is the same. Then knit a thread of Cool Wool Big footprint. Way: Dial for the Oclolobe 11 p., Projazit 20 p. 1st earpiece, dial for the front of the 22 p., Projazit 20 p. 2nd Earpiece and Dial 11 p. For the Oclopinnui part = 84 p. Loops evenly distributed on 4 spokes = 21 p. On each spoke. The beginning of a circular series (the middle of the nape) to mark and loops to distribute as follows: * 4 p. of a pattern with Kosam 2, 4 p. izn. Gladi, 5 p. Gum, 4 p. izn. Gladi, 4 p. Pattern with Kosam 1, repeat from * 4 times, continuing to perform in height patterns with the coconuts and elastic band headphones on the picture. After 12 cm from the beginning of the facial edge of the touch in each track of the IZN. Loops 2 times on 2 p. Together And inside each spit on 2 p. Together persons. = 60 p. 
The following overlap carry out respectively on 3 p., that is at perekreshhivanii to left to leave on a boil. Spokes before work 2 p., connect 1 persons., then loops with the open. Knitting needles; When perekreshhivanii loops to the right leave on the open. The spokes at work 1 p., to touch 2 persons., then the loop with the open. Spokes to touch the front. On the trail. The 6th circular row in each track of the hut. Loops 2 p. Together reverse, as well as the average 3 p. gum together reverse = 44 p. In each 2nd circular row, 2 times inside each pattern with the coconuts of 2 p. Together front = 28 p. In the next circular series knit 2 p. Together front = 14 p. These 14 p. Pull the RA Thread. 
Assembling the cap for the girl: The bottom edge of the cap and headphones to tie the thread Leggero 1 near art. b/N and 1 next to the "race step". To the corners of the headphones tie the hook № 6 on the chain of the Vozd. Hinges 15 cm long double thread Cool Wool Big. From a thread leggero to make 2 pompon in diameter 6 sm and to attach them to ends of chains from Vozd. Loops.

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