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I saw such a blouse on the Internet!

And immediately wanted to tie her to a baby!

I drew the diagram myself. Sleeves knitted only rhombuses)) And the button made more))
This drawing is viscous closer)) 

When I now looked through the created material - I understood my mistake !!! I did not knit rhombs along the bottom edge from that top !!! But in the process of drawing up the scheme a hundred times in front of the nose photo from the Internet! And a hundred times looked at which way the hinges fall when the left or right is decreased !!! Well etozh it is necessary so !!!!!!!! ((And I all look at a blouse and like a rhombus, and like and not absolutely such as in a photo !!! Now I have understood - why at me any neponyatki in a head were - like that, but it's not like that! 

100 times measure - one cut! 

I seem to have a hundred and not enough!

This coquette is closer. I knitted raglan from above.))

This is the back.

The viscous back is closer))

Pattern pattern. I drew myself)

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