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1. Yarn "NAKO - Sirius" 100% acrylic yellow and green. The thread itself is double, but I divide it and knit it in 1 thread. I like. The drawing lies flat, the flow is minimal, the product is simply weightless - so light. 
2. Crochet hook. 
3. If there is, then ready-made yellow pompons 
4. Satin ribbon of green color 2.5 cm wide for a belt and 0.6 cm for strapless ties. 
Work flow : 
My sarafanie turned out to be about 1 year old. If you need a larger size, then initially you need to gain more air loops, calculating them on a pre-bound pattern, taking into account the measurements of the child. 
1. We collect 100 vp, we close in a ring and in the first row we knit all the loops of CCH. Knit in a circle.
2nd row - knit 2 semi-doubles with a crochet, skip one loop, etc .; 3 - 10th rows - knit 2 semi-columns with a crochet between 2 semi-columns with a crochet of the previous row. 
2. Next, divide the 100petel by 2 = 50. From 50 we subtract 10petel = 40 Thus we get 40 loops for the front, 40 loops for the back and 10 loops each for armholes. We knit each part (front and back) separately by turning rows. The 11th row (as a continuation of the lower part of the bodice) - 40 loops. These are 20 pairs of semi-caps with double crochet (s / ssn); 12 - 14 rows - also in pairs of 20 s / ssn; The 15th row - we cut along the edges along the loop and we get 19 pairs of the sc / ssn. 16th and 17th rows - 19 pp / cc; 18 - 20th rows - 18 p / ssn.
3. We tie the entire bodice along the perimeter "dotted line" This is what I called the combination of 3 rows of strapping. At the same time, we knit the 1st and 3rd rows with the main thread, and the 2nd row with a finishing thread. How to connect such a dotted line, you can see here: .. in paragraph 4. 
4. I knitted a skirt according to the “Red Poppy” dress pattern. It can also be found on the link above. Although the scheme can be taken with another favorite picture. I knitted 12 rows according to the scheme with a yellow thread, then “dotted line”, as when tying the bodice, then 4 rows again according to the scheme, only with a green thread. In this case, the first row of green thread knit, clinging the loops from the inside of the skirt, where the green thread of the dotted line passes. This will give the appearance of a new tier. We finish knitting again with a dotted line. 
5. We knit the under skirt with either a fillet net or “forks” (see link above) I knitted 15 rows with such a net, which is slightly less than the length of the upper skirt, and then 7 rows with a pattern according to the top skirt. We finish knitting by a dotted line.
6. Attach the straps - ties. I made them from satin narrow ribbon, but you can twist the laces from the thread. On the ends we sew yellow pompons - dandelions. If there are no ready-made pompons, you can make them from yarn. 
7. We sew a belt - a ribbon and decorate a sarafan on a belt and on the breast with the same pompons - dandelions. 


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