Baby Overalls Free Pattern

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Age: (0-3) 6-9 months (1) 1.5-2 years 
Dimensions of the finished overalls: Girth breasts – (43) 48 (52) 56 cm, Length – (38) 41 (46) 50 cm. 
You will need for overalls: yarn Sandnes Mandarin Petit (100% cotton, 180 m/50 g)-(200) 200 (200) 250 g khaki, circular and hosiery spokes № 2.5 and № 3, Hook № 2.5, 5 buttons. 
Facial surface: Faces. Ranks – persons. Hinges, Series Loop For circular knitting – only persons. Loops. 
Density of knitting. Front surface, spokes № 3:27 p. = 10 cm. 
Description of the work of children's overalls, knitting needles: 
Knit from bottom to top. For one leg on circular spokes, dial (90) 98 (108) 120 p. Run the label at the beginning of the series. Knit the twisted faces. Gladyu, adding on both sides of the mark on 1 p. In each 3rd row in total (6) 7 (8) 9 times = (102) 112 (124) 138 p. Further knit evenly. At the height of work (5) 6 (7) 8 cm close the first and last 2 p. = (98) 108 (120) 134 p. Postpone the loops. Tie the second leg similarly. 
Move the loops of both legs to circular spokes = (196) 216 (240) 268 p. Follow the label in the middle of the backrest and front. Knit the twisted faces. A smooth, thus in 1-th row reduce on both parties from each mark on 1 p.: Before a Mark knit 2 p. Together persons. Scrape, after the label knit 2 p. Together persons. It was 4 p. in one row. Repeat the decrease in each 2nd row of the Total (3) 4 (6) 7 times = (184) 200 (216) 240 p. Then knit straight to the total height of work (21) 23 (27) 30 cm. In the next row knit * 1 persons., 2 p. Persons together. *, repeat from * to * to the end of the series = (123) 134 (144) 160 p. Close the loops, but do not cut the thread. 
Yoke of overalls: on the top edge of the pants Crochet (121) 134 (145) 158 art. b/N. Next, knit openwork pattern on the scheme 1. Twist the 1st row, then divide the work in the middle of the backrest and continue to knit straight and reverse rows of three more rows. Then divide the work into 3 parts: Before and 2 halves of the backrest and then each part knit separately. 
Left half of the backrest: for rounding of Armholes, lower the right side in each row of 1 St., retreating (3) 3 (4) 4 p. From the Edge. At the height of the armhole (7.5) 8.5 (9.5) 10.5 cm to cut the neck from the left side, leave the first group of "lush" columns and the following (3) 3 (4) 4 art. c/N. Then knit another (2) 3 (3) 4 rows, evenly eliminating the loops for rounding the cut. At the height of the armholes (9) 10 (11) 12 cm finish the work. Right half of the backrest: knit symmetrically to the left. 
Before the overalls: continue to knit loops on the figure. When the full height of the backrest Remains (4) 4 (5) 5 rows, to cut the neck leave the middle 2 groups of "lush" columns and art. S/n between them. Next, each side knit separately, evenly performing the decrease for rounding cut. At the height of the backrest finish the job. The other side is symmetrical. 
Assembling the children's overalls: perform shoulder seams. Armholes, cut on the back and neckline of the neck knit crochet 1 near the art. b/N, knitting "Pico" through every 3 art. In this case, on one side of the incision, tie out 5 buttonholes. Sew the buttons. Lower edge of the trousers tie the border on the diagram 2.

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