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I found this remarkable work on, I do not know anything about the author ....

Booties «Colored caramels» 
Used yarn The sole is knitted according to the pattern of garter stitch. (white thread) Dial around the soles of the hinge so that there are 18 loops on the toe, on the two side spokes on 21 loops (a total of 60 stitches) 1 row (pink thread) -all facial (60p) 2 rows (white thread) - 1x, 1 remove the loop with a crochet, etc. round. 3 rows (pink thread) - 1us, 1 persons (nakid with a loop together), etc. in a circle Repeat 2 and 3 rows 6 more times. 16 row (white thread) - 15 persons, 2 persons with a throw (repeat 15 times), 15 persons. (total 45p) 17th row (white thread) - 45 rel. 18 rows (pink thread) - 45 faces.

19 row (pink thread) - 45 rel. 
20 rows (white thread) - 45 persons. 
21 rows (white thread) - 45 rel. 
Loops close the white thread, on the toe a little tighter. Strap. Dial needle 20 at one hinge (10 on each side of the joint) 1ryad - 20 persons 2ryad - 20lits 3ryad - 20lits + 20nabrat further Next knit garter, without forgetting to make a hole for the button. The second strap is connected mirror. Decorate. Decoration itself. Good luck! 

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