Crochet openwork sweater free pattern

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This is successfully knitted on an aspen. There she took all the information. I liked the model a long time ago, I decided to bring it to life. 
I will knit at the age of 1.5-2 years. The growth of the daughter is about 90 cm. Yarn Rowan baby merino silk dk (66% merino wool super wash, 34% silk of the toss) 50g / 135 m knitting needles 3.5 basic and 2.5 for elastic. On the needles 2.5, type 94 p. (With the help of a pigtail for an elastic edge) close in a circle and knit 8 rows with a 1x1 elastic band. Next, distribute the loop: openwork on the back 23 p., 5 p. Facial, 1 p. raglan, 5 p. facial, 23 p. openwork sleeves, 3 p. facial, 23 p. Azhura sleeves, 5 p. facial, 1p. raglana, 5 p. facial. Increments near 1p. raglana from two sides we do in each even row (ie through the row), and after and before the openwork of the sleeves in each row. I used this scheme. 

Thus knit 4 rapport pattern. Then remove the loop of the sleeves to add. a thread. 
We collect 5 loops under each sleeve for undercutting and we knit a carcass of the desired length. I have 12 repetitions of the pattern. Then go to the needles 2.5 and knit with 1x1 rubber band 8 rows. Close the loop. 
Raise the loops of the sleeves + add 5 loops of the undercut and knit to the desired length. I have 9 repetitions of the pattern. 
Then go to the spokes number 2.5 and knit 1x1 gum 8 rows. First row knit trace. way: persons 2 together purl. Close the loop. We knit the second sleeve in the same way. All sweater ready !!!!


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