Green tunic free pattern

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Size: 38/40 

You will need: 450 g Maura green yarn (90% cotton, 10% polyamide, 125 m / 50 g); straight and circular needles number 4. 

Shawl: persons. and izn. R. - persons. . n 

Pattern of rhombuses: number of loops multiple of 12 + 2. Knit according to Scheme 1, which shows only the individual. r., in izn. R. loops knit by pattern or designation, nakida - izn. 

Attention! In case of additions and additions, the number of na-kids should correspond to the number of loops knitted together and vice versa. Repeat from 1st to 32nd p. 

Openwork pattern (width 19 p.): Knit according to scheme 2, which shows only persons. r., in izn. R. knit and nakida knit izn. Repeat from 1st to 24th p. 

Knitting density: 23.5 p. And 36 p. = 10 x 10 cm

Back: dial 121 points and tie for a strap 1.5 cm = 7 p. garter stitch, starting with izn. R. and knitting last life. R. from Then knit as follows: 1 chrome ,, 50 p. Of a pattern of rhombuses (start with loops before rapport, repeat 3 times of the loop of rapport, finish with loops until arrow A), 19 p. Of an openwork pattern, 50 p. Of a pattern of rhombus (start from arrows B, repeat 3 times loop rapport, finish loops after rapport), 1 chrome. At the same time, starting from the strip, close for talibaniya on both sides in each 14-m p. 12 x 1 p. = 97 p. Through 50 cm = 180 p. from the plank add 1 p. on both sides and in each 4th p. 4 x 1 p. = 107 p., Including the added loops in the pattern. Through 55.5 cm = 200 p. from the strap close for armholes on both sides of 3 p. and in each 2nd p. 1 x 3, 3 x 2 and 3 x 1 p. = 77 p. Through 75 cm = 270 p. from the strap all the loops to postpone.

Before: knit the same way, but after 73.5 cm = 264 p. from the plank for neckline, put off the average 31 points and finish both sides separately. For rounding, postpone from the inside edge in each 2nd p. 1 x 3 and 1 x 2 p., Performing each time 1 nakid. At the height of the backrest, postpone the remaining 18 points. 

Assembly: transfer the deferred 77 sections of the backrest to circular needles, tie 1 cm = 4 p. garter viscous and loop close faces. On the circular needles to transfer pending loops to the front and knit the same way, while knitting the nakida with the previous or the next loop with the persons. Run shoulder seams; on armholes for circular needles dial 96 p., tie 1.5 cm = 6 p. garter viscous and loop close faces. Run side seams.

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