Spring Dress Free Pattern

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The strings must be thin. For winter-wool with acrylic, for summer-cotton with acrylic. In the original-cotton with acrylic. I chose Vita Brilliant light grey color 380 m in 100 Gr. 45% wool, 55% acrylic.

Knit think from the bottom, first gum, then the main pattern.

Here is my sample of the main figure associated with the spokes № 3.5:

Small Braids 2 * 2, weave in the 4th row, large sloping braids 3 * 3, weave in the 8th row. Inclination of the big braid was made in each 4th row, for this purpose in the direction of inclination it was two together obverse, and on the other hand made a scum.
I think that it is necessary to edit a schematic a little, for example between the coconuts of one reverse to me it seemed not enough. I will gladly listen to all your suggestions.

The pattern with my sizes looks like this:

With the depth of the neck cut I have not yet determined, in the course of knitting I will think.
The pattern is drawn without a skirt, because it seems to be clear. The length of the skirt I will have 40 cm.

Skirt Calculation:
The skirt is knitted from the bottom with a rubber band 3 * 2 (3 facial, 2 purls).
The skirt consists of 12 wedges, between wedges a dividing strip. On top in each wedge on 4 strips, at the bottom 16 strips.
The number of loops is equal to (16 strips + 1 separating) * 5 Loops * 12 wedges = 1020 loops. That's if we knit in circles.
I do not like to knit with circular needles, so I will knit with ordinary spokes. Therefore, the number of loops for the back and front of the bottom will be 510 + 2 kromokno.
The length of the skirt I will be 40 cm, because I am not a little tall. There are six pieces on the skirt. So I'll do it about every 6 cm.
To the top of a skirt should remain 300 loops (for knitting on a circle) or 150 loops + 2 kromoskno (at knitting separately a front and a backrest).
The ubations are made in one row, for this purpose all loops of the strip and the extreme loop of the next strip (6 loops) are made together.

More skinny girls offer to knit 10 wedges. Because the skirt is knitted with an elastic band, and therefore it stretches well, then in the upper part you can adjust the resulting width slightly.

First successes. This is what the skirt looks like before the 4th decrease:

One part of the skirt is ready. Almost 200 grams of yarn were spent.

Next I start knitting a pattern.

The pattern is a bit different from the original, but I like it more.

Because the density of knitting pattern is different, then in the first row I added evenly 31 loops. As a result, it became 150 + 31 + 2 Kromokri = 183 loops.
For the Pritaliya in every 4th row on both sides, lower one loop. After 17 cm, ie on the waist turned 147 + 2 Kromokrye = 149 loops.
Next I start to add one loop on each side in each 5th row.

For Armi reduce from each side in each 2-nd row 1 times 4 P, 1 times 3 P, 3 times on 2 p, 5 times on 1 p.
For the neck of the front closed the central 25 loops, then in each 2nd row 3 times 3 P, 4 times 2 P, 5 times 1 P and in each 4th row 3 times 1 p.
For a bevel of a shoulder in each 2nd row 4 times on 9 loops.

Before ready:

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