Dress with knitted across the bodice

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Sizes: 34 (40/42) 48 

You will need: 200 (250) 300 g of kiwi color, 150 (200) 250) g ​​of Alpaka Fashion blue-green and plum yarn and 150 (200) 250 g of Alpaka brown yarn (100% alpaca wool, 100 m / 50 g); straight needles number 4. 

The number of loops of all the following patterns is a multiple of 15 + 2 chrome. The diagrams are for individuals only. R. Between the chrome, repeat the loop of rapport. 

Pattern A, blue-green thread: knit under the scheme 1. In izn. R. knit loops on the pattern, nakida - w. From the 1st to the 16th p. run 1 time. 

Pattern B: knit under the scheme 2. In izn. R. knit loop kn. or as indicated, nakida - izn. Repeat from the 1st to the 74th p., Observing the alternation of the color of the thread. When performing additions and subtractions, make sure that the nakida and knit loops together balance each other.

Gum: knit between chrome, alternately 1 out., 1 persons. The average density of knitting: 19 n. And 27 p. = 10x10 cm. 

Attention: the top of the dress is knitted in two parts across, beginning with the sleeve. 

Arrow on the pattern = knitting direction. 

Back / front panel of the skirt: dial a blue-green thread 107 (122) 137 p. And tie for 6 cm strip = 16 p. pattern A. Then knit pattern B. Simultaneously close for lateral bevels on both sides, starting from the slat, 13x1 n. in each 10-m p. = 81 (96) 111 p. Through 49 cm = 132 p. o slats close all loops.

Left sleeve with left half / right sleeve with right half of the upper part: blue-green thread, dial 47 (62) 77 p. And tie for 6 cm = 16 p. pattern A. Then knit pattern B. After 32 cm = 86 p. from the plank add on both sides for bevels 1 x 1 p., then 6 x 1 p. in each 6th p. and 4 x 1 p. in every 2 r. p., including added loops in the pattern = 69 (84) 99 p. Through 49 cm = 132 p. from the strap to re-type on both sides for the side edges of the front and back 1 x 33 (26) 19 p. and include them in the pattern = 135 (136) 137 p. Through 66 cm = 178 p. (72 cm = 194 p.) 76.5 cm = 206 p. from the plank, knit another 4 (2) 1.5 cm with an elastic band of a blue-green thread starting from 1 person. a number of individuals. Then close all the loops on the picture.

Assembly: perform side seams of the skirt, as well as side seams and lower seams of the sleeves of the upper parts. Run the front middle seam on the bottom 15 (15) 15.5 cm, and the rear middle seam on the bottom 26 (26) 26.5 cm. Stitch skirt to the top.

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