Crochet Beach Dress Free Pattern

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YARNART FLOWERS yarn Crochet Dress

Hook № 2, Flow rate 500 gr. Set of 210 loops. 

Work on the scheme of 27 rows to cuts. 
The blue dots on the diagram indicate repetition of the series. That is, when we reach the second point, we can look at the first one again. After the second row we perform the sprout (on the diagram 1 on the right). Cuts on 5 (or 3) rapports. Scheme 2-Increase to the pope. On 1 "twig" on lateral columns from PRSs. If necessary to add more we do 4 "twigs" on the points, where usually do the pull on the skirts.

Scheme 3-the sleeve. It is not completely traced, but the essence is clear. The intensity of the decreases decreases after the elbow. 
Yes, I'm tearing the yarn off. 

Knitting from two skeins alternately immediately all the details. The algorithm is as follows: knitting the carcass until the color on the 1st Motke changes. Take the 2nd, knit sleeves to 7-8 rows. The rest of the carcass. And so to the end. 
For the timid: a thread to tear is not scary. Knots for half an hour of work.

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