Knitting Poncho Jacket Free Pattern

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Jacket Poncho Size 
You'll need to Working 
• 750 g of yarn from 
Mix wool and acrylic Grey- 
Color to work on the spokes N27 
• Spokes N25 and N27 • 2 large Pu- 
Product Color • Needle for 
Wool with rounded end. 
Spokes: Hollow Gum (beginning L 
End), elastic band 1х1. False England- 
Elastic Band (knit on an odd- 
of hinges): 
1st row: * 1 persons. P., l double loop (= 
Knit faces. By conducting the right-hand sleep- 
Loop corresponding to the hinge 
For tying up, but in the downstream 
Row) Repeat from * to *, 1 persons, N. 
2nd row: Reverse stitch, 
3rd row: Repeat from the L-th row. 
Needle: Loop stitch. 
Density of knitting 
A false English rubber band on the sleep- 
Tsat. R 7:10 p. i24r. = 10x10cm 
Order of work 
Backrest: knit, starting with side 
Part. On the Spokes Nq7 dial 49 p. and 
Knit a false English rubber band, 
After 70 cm of total height close 
All loops. 
Right shelf and right side 
Collar: On the spokes of G-425 dial 44 
P. and knit Fringe-4 p. Hollow Rubber- 
Then continue with the rubber band 1х1; 
Through 2 cm knit first 19 p. false 
With an English rubber band, then 
Live Rubber Band 1x1 on 25 following 
P. Through b cm of the total height of the 
Live on the spokes of N27, and knit a false 

An English rubber band and on the last 
25 p., but starting pattern on reverse 
Side of the working canvas (to 
The effect of contrast; Cm. Photo). 
After 78 cm close all loops. 
Left shelf and left side 
Collar: Knit symmetrically 
Right side. 
Pockets: On the spokes NQ7 dial 15 
P. and knit false English rubber 
L 7 cm. Close loops. Run 2 
The same pocket, 
Assembling and finishing 
Sew the last 35 cm of the left one 
The right shelf to the first 35 cm 
Side of the backrest (the seam of the 
The first half of this side). 
Sew the left side symmetrically. 
On the Spokes N25 Dial 141 p. Along 
22 cm of the left edge of the right shelf (these 
See the 
And along the first cm of the 
Edge of the backrest; Knit Rubber 
1 x 1 4 cm, then the hollow rubber Band 
4 p. Close loops with stitches 
Needle. Perform the same education 
The edge of the left armholes. Perform 
Side seams and stitches. The United 
Thread between each other intertwined 
(crossed) edges of the neck. When 
To sew pockets to the shelves on the 
8 cm from the side seam directly above the 
Initial fringe. Sew Buttons 
To the left shelf, at a distance of 19 cm 
From the Strap: Sew one button on the 
Level 33 cm from the bottom edge, and the 
button-at a distance of 15 cm 
From the first. Along the end of the strap right 
Shelves, opposite the buttons, make 
The loop, and using the needle to 
a loop seam. 

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