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For the berry used threads Alize Cotton Gold, 55% cotton, 45% acrylic, 100 g / 330 m hook 2.5

Made a magic ring and tied into it 4 magnificent columns

2 rows - 2 lux. Art. between pysh. Art. of the previous series. = 8 luxuriant. art.

3 row - we make increases in the same place as in the 2nd row, and between these increases 1 bunch. Art. = 12 luxuriant. art.

4 row - increases on the same line, only now between them 2 luxuriant. Art. = 16 luxuriant. art.

5 and 6, we knit the rows without increments (1 bush each between each bouquet of the previous row) = 16 bunches. art.

7 row of 32 bbn

8 row - we make a decrease, every 3 and 4 sb we tie together (thereby we get a rounding inside)

Now we knit the green part of the berry:

1 row - 12 CLs

2nd row - 24 CCN (double each loop)

3rd row - 36 CLOs (we make increments through 1 CLS)

4th row - 3 in, CC2N, CC3N, CC2N, 3 in, and connection. Art. in the same place where the second SS2N was tied, the total for us was 4 loops. 36 divide by 4 - it turns out we will have 9 petals. draftsman from me so-so, that's sketched out (1 and 2 rows did not begin to depict)

Now lay along the walls of raspberry thread of the same color, and in the middle of the sintepuh, so as not to shine through the spaces between the bush. Art. We sew the top and ... the malinka is ready!

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