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A high waistline and a slight flare of the skirt make the mini dress particularly charming. 

Size 46-48. 
You will need: 200 g of yarn of marengo and 100 g of rust and straw color (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 50 g / 850 m; thread in 4 additions); hook number 3. 
Knitting density: 23 p. X 8 p. = 10 x 10 cm
The back of the bodice: tie a thread of 99 cm in thread of rust color. p. + 3 p. lifting and tie 3 rows of art. s / n, continue the pattern according to the pattern 26.1 (= 7 rapports + 1 p. for symmetry), in the 6th row of the pattern go to the yarn of marengo. At a height of 12 cm from the beginning for armholes, leave on both sides 5 p. And then in each row 1 time on 2 p. And 2 times on 1 p. Incomplete rapport along the edges of knit art. s / n At a height of 32 cm from the beginning for the neckline leave 3 medium rapport and tie 1 row of Art. s / n for each shoulder separately, finish the work. From the dial, knit top down skirt pattern 26.2 (= 102 p.). Start and tie up 9 rows of rust colored threads, then 16 rows of straw color and the remaining 16 rows of marengo. For expansion add on both sides in each row of 1 tbsp. s / n, including new hinges in the pattern. The last to tie a row
Before the bodice: similar to the back, but for the neckline at a height of 27 cm from the beginning leave 2.5 medium rapport and then both sides finish separately. For rounding the cutout from the inside, leave in each row 1 time 3 points and 1 time 1 point. At a height of 33 cm from the beginning, finish the work. A knit skirt is similar.
Sleeve: tie a thread of straw chain of 43 temp. p. + 3 p. lifting and tie 3 rows of art. s / n, continue with the pattern according to scheme 26.1 (= 3 rapport + 1 point for symmetry), after every 10 rows change to rust color and marengo. To expand, add on both sides 1 p. In each 2nd row 13 times (= 69 p.) And, as you add loops to the full rapport, include them in the pattern. At a height of 43 cm from the beginning for the dummy, leave on both sides by 5 points and then in each row 3 times by 2 points and 6 times by 3 points. At a height of 55 cm from the beginning finish the work. The second sleeve is knit similarly. 
Assembly: perform shoulder seams. Along the edge of the neckline, tie 2 rows of st. b / n and 1 row, alternating through 1 tbsp. previous row * 1 tbsp. b / n, 3 in. P.*. Run side seams and sleeve seams. 
Initial chain when crocheting.

The initial chain of air loops should not be too tight, otherwise the edge will be tightened and knitting of the 1st row will cause great inconvenience, but not too free, otherwise the edge will be inaccurate. To avoid this, you can run the chain with a thicker hook by folding the thread in half. For a more elastic edge, you can use knitting needles for a set of loops. Dialing the required number of loops, tie one row of facial or purl loops and simultaneously close them. This method has an additional advantage when recruiting a large number of loops of the initial chain, since it is easier to count them on the spokes.

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