Spring hat Candy knitting

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Size 52-56, I have a BBB FULL 90m / 50gr yarn (2 skeins)

On the spokes 4, we dial 97 loops, close = 96 p.  
In the first row we knit:  
1 end, 2 faces, 1 end, 20 faces. 
Repeat in this sequence 3 more times. 

In the future, we get 4 openwork tracks. 
We begin to knit them in the next row according to the following scheme:  
1st row: izn.p., nakid, 2 together the face with a slope to the left, izp .; 

2nd row:  
izn.p, 2 persons.p, iz; 3rd row: izn.p., 2 together the front with a slope to the right, nakid, izp .; 4th row: izn.p, 2 persons.p., iz; 

Repeat 1-4 rows. 
We fasten the loops on the front satin without any changes. 

Thus knit 19-20 cm, then begin to form the top. 

We make reductions through the row:  
up to the track 2 people. together with the slope to the left, after the track - with the slope to the right. 

Openwork continue to knit according to the scheme. 

If necessary, go to stocking spokes. 

When in each sector there will be a path and 2 persons. Pp, we fasten these two persons. together: just 20 knitting needles. 

Cut the thread, pull it through the loops and tighten it. 

Recently, I have been closing the top of the chamomile way, I really like it. 
Closing the loops by pulling through the first loop at 11.25 minutes. 
If you need a bigger hat, take the spokes of a larger size. 
With a smaller size we do the same.

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