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The game of contrasts is the highlight of this model. A monochrome insert at the waist and hem, made of purple yarn, stands out clearly against the background of sectional dyeing of warm tones.


36/38 (42/44) 

Yarn 1 (100% polyacryl; 130 m / 50 g) - 350 g brown sectional dyeing; 
Yarn 2 (100% cotton; 100 m / 50 g) - 100 g lilac; Needles number 3.5; hook number 3.5.


Openwork pattern 1 on 7 loops

Crochet according to the scheme. Transition from row to row to perform, as shown in the diagram. 

Start with loops before rapport, repeat regularly, repeat loops after rapport. 1–3rd p. bind 1 time, then the 2nd and 3rd p. constantly repeat. 

Front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops.

Openwork pattern 2 on 6 loops

Knit according to the scheme. On it are given only the front rows. In purl rows, knit all loops and nakida purl. 

Start with the loops before the report, repeat the rapport, finish with the loops after the rapport. 1–8th rows constantly repeat.


From the left edge: last 2 loops before edge knit together front; 
from the right edge: after the edge 1 item, remove, pull the front one and remove the loop through the knitted one.


9 initial items x 9 p. = 10 x 10 cm, crocheted with an openwork pattern; 
21.5 p. X 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the front surface; 
20.5 p. X 29 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with an openwork knitting pattern.


Thanks to the lilac inset on the front parts, a bevel in the shoulder area is obtained. On the pattern it is not shown. For clarity, the upper part of the front is shown on the pattern separately. 

We advise you to make a paper pattern of the bottom part of the original size and periodically attach work to it in order to correct the number of delays. 




For the bottom of the brown thread to perform a chain of 100 (107) vp + 3 inc. lifting and knitting an openwork pattern 1.  

For the side bevels, subtract the next 40 cm from both sides to 8 (7) cm, respectively, the pattern of the original size. 

After 40 cm work to finish. 

On the upper edge of the part, type on the spokes with lilac thread 86 (98) section and knit with the front satin stitch. 

After 4 cm, continue working with brown thread with openwork pattern 2 according to the scheme, while in the 1st row, evenly distribute, add 4 p. = 90 (102) p.  

8 cm from the waist line for armholes to close on both sides 1 x 5 p. and then in every 2nd row 1 x 4 p., 1 x 3 p., 1 x 2 p. and 1 x 1 p. 

After 14 (17) cm from the start of the armhole, close the neckline for the average 34 points and finish both sides separately. 

To round the neck, close the inside edge in each 2nd row 2 x 3 n.  

After 17 (20) cm from the beginning of the armhole, close the remaining shoulder loops.  


Crochet the bottom detail, as the bottom detail of the backrest. 

Then, on the upper edge, type lilac thread 86 (98) on the spokes and knit with the front satin stitch. 

After 4 cm from the waistline, close on both sides 1 x 5 (6) paragraph and in each 2nd row 2 x 5 paragraph, 3 x 4 paragraph, 3 x 3 paragraph and 3 x 2 paragraph (2 x 6 n., 3 x 5 n., 3 x 3 n. and 3 x 2 n.). 

12 cm from the waistline close the remaining 2 middle loops. 

For the left upper part, type on the spokes with a brown thread on the upper edge starting with the first closed loops and up to the middle loops 44 (50) n. And knit with an openwork pattern 2, starting with the hem and loops before rapport. Rapport constantly repeat, finish at the arrow and edge. Make sure that the number of nakid in a row coincides with the number of loops knitted together. 

At the same time, from the left edge for the neckline, underscore the reduction of 18 x 1 section alternately in each 2nd and 4th row, then 4 x 1 section in each 4th row (10 x 1 section alternately in each 2nd and 4th row, then 12 x 1 par. in every 4th row). 

After 8 cm from the right edge, arm the armhole as on the back. 

After 17 (20) cm from the start of the armhole, close the remaining shoulder loops. 

The second part to do the same, but in a mirror image.


Details lightly moisten, chop on the pattern and leave to dry. 

Run shoulder and side seams. 

To tie a mouth, armholes and a bottom of a top with a lilac thread 1 near the Art. b / n and 1 next to it in "stride step" (= art. b / n, carry out from left to right). 

At the end of all the seams slightly otparit. 

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