Knitting Bolero Free Pattern

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Knitting: openwork Bolero with a pattern of "fan"

42-44 Size We need 200 gr. Cotton yarn, Hook № 3.

Job Description:
Knit one cloth. To do this, dial a chain of 198 air loops + 3 air loops for lifting and knit fantasy pattern on the scheme. Repeat the report from * to * 9 times. At an altitude of 13cm from the inlaid edge for the armlet divide the work as follows: Leave 41 Loop for the right shelf, 116 loops for the backrest, 41 loop for the left shelf.

Backrest: Knit on the scheme of fantasy pattern straight. At an altitude of 33 cm from the beginning of knitting the backrest to finish.

Right shelf: Knit on the scheme of fancy pattern, and knit straight. At a height of 24 cm from the beginning of knitting start to reduce in each 2 row 8 times on 2 loops.

Left shelf: knit symmetrically right.

Assembly: Connect the shoulder seams. Tie the armholes and the Boleros in the scheme where the Kema is marked. For a buckle to pin a beautiful brooch.

Source : https://vk.com/club80847474?w=wall-80847474_1341%2Fall

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