Suit the color of green apple free pattern

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Size: 44 

Require: 450 g of yarn "KAMTEKS Cotton stretch" (98% cotton, 2% Lycra, 160 m / z 50) green apple color (yarn A); 70 g of yarn «MAXI. MADAME TRICOTE "(100% cotton, 565 m / l00 g) white (yarn B) and yarn" MAXI Metallic. MADAME TRICOTE ”(100% cotton, 540 m / 100 g) in white color with lurex (yarn B); Needles number 5.5; hook number 2. 

The main patterns: patterns for schemes 1 and 2; LH (LR - person. P., IR - iz. P.). 

Knitting density: 19 points and 26 p. = 10x10 cm. 

Progress. The main yarn in the product is yarn A. 

Attention! The product made from this yarn in finished form should be much smaller than the measurement requires: the yarn is very elastic. 


Dial 65 points and knit straight pattern pattern 2 (9 rapp. In width). After 34 cm from the typesetting edge in the Republic of Latvia uniformly add 9 s. (= 74 s.) And continue LH. Knit another 11 cm. After 45 cm from the start of work for armholes, close on both sides 4 p. And in each 2nd p. - 1 time for 3 p. (= 60 p.). After 3 cm from the beginning of the armhole for the neckline close the middle 10 points and finish both sides separately. For rounding up close from the inside edge in every 2nd p. 2 times by 2 points and 2 times by 1 point. At the same time, on both sides of the neckline, perform a “knob” in an arbitrary order. At a height of 19 cm from the armhole, close by 19 p. For shoulder bevels. 


Knit like a shelf, but without a neckline. 


Dial 32 points and knit a pattern according to scheme 1, distributing the loops like this: chrome. P.; 5 persons .; 20 items of a pattern (2 rapp.); 5 p. After rapp .; chrome After 6 cm from the edge of the cut to go to the pattern according to scheme 2, distributing the loop like this: chrome. P.; 28 p. Pattern (4 rapp.); 2 n. At the beginning of the rapp .; chrome p. For the bevel of the sleeves add on both sides in each 16th p. 7 times 1 p. (= 46 p.). After 45 cm from the beginning of work for the neckline, close the 4 points and in each of the 2nd p. - 3 times on 1 p., In each 4th p. 4 times 1 p. And in every 2nd p. 2 times for 1 p., 3 times for 2 p. After 15 cm from the beginning of the dash close the remaining 8 p. The 

second sleeve is similar to knit. 


Run shoulder seams, stitch sleeves, complete side seams and sleeve seams.

Yarn And tie the neckline and bottom of the sleeves 1 p. Art. b / n, the bottom of the product - 2 p. Art. b / n Finish the product - link flower motifs according to the 3: 10 pattern. yarn B and 12 pcs. yarns B. Decorate with them the bottom of the sleeves (3 pcs.) and the top of the shoulder bevels (8 pcs.). Sew flower motifs, “putting them on” on the “bumps” of the main canvas. 


Progress. The product is made with yarn A. 

Back detail: dial 72 points and knit with a straight canvas pattern according to scheme 1, distributing the hooks: chrome. P.; 5 persons .; 60 paragraphs of the pattern (6 rapp.); 5 p. After rapp .; chrome P. 9 cm from the edge to go to the pattern according to scheme 2 (10 rapp. wide). To narrow the canvas to the waist line, close on both sides in every 12th p. 4 times 1 p. (= 64 p.). After 45 cm from the start of work, close the item.

Ruche: dial 72 points along the edge of the web, in IL, double the number of loops (= 142 points). Knit LH with a straight web and close the item 8 cm from the typesetting edge. 

Front detail: knit in the same way as the back part. 


Run the side seams. Tie the lacing according to the pattern 4 of the required length and push it into the top edge of the product.

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