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Openwork knitted dress Kiss knitted. The dress is made with a pattern of openwork bands and narrow wedges with a "scythe" in the middle. The scheme of knitting openwork dress is given and completely free.

Model by Lu Lanne

The size



450 g of mohair yarn (100g / 700m)

Spokes number 3,5-4

Hook number 2.5


Knitting notes

Landing on the figure is carried out by reducing the loops in the wedges and, additionally, by changing the thickness of the spokes. In order to avoid errors in the work and execute the product of the desired size, we recommend that you first knit a pattern, thanks to which, you will not only learn the knitting density, but also practice your making a complex pattern. For a sample of an openwork pattern, type 21 loops + 12 loops “braids” +2 edging and knit according to schemes 14 and 14 a. the formation of the pattern of openwork knitting is carried out both from the front and from the wrong side. It is important and important to correctly knit the loops, because if your method of execution differs from the proposed one, then this can significantly distort the drawing.

Knitting with knitting

The dress consists of two identical parts, which differ only in the neckline. Calculate the number of loops along the bottom line of the dress and distribute them into 4 wedges and 3 openwork stripes between them in the following order: 6 loops of the front surface, -3 backs, 12 loops of the braid, 3 backs, 21 loops of the openwork strip *, repeat from * 2 more times, 6 facial. Knit wedges, making “cross-braiding” in each 8th row and repeating the pattern of openwork stripes from the 1st to the 32nd rows. To form lateral bevels, carry out the reductions first in groups of facial loops, knitting 2 facial linens together on both sides of the canvas, then (closer to the waist) reduce the purl loops in the wedges in such a way that, at a distance of 57 cm from the bottom line, all of the wedge loops were reduced. After reduction on the needles only loops of the openwork pattern will remain. Knit the upper part of the dress strictly according to the pattern. To expand the canvas add purl loops on the border of openwork stripes and braids. Sew the finished parts of the dress along the shoulder and side seams, leaving open lengths of 21 cm for cuts.

Decoration of knitted openwork dress

Arrange the armholes and neckline strapping with a hook about the pattern 14 b.

Scheme knitting openwork dress knitting

Pattern knit dress

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