White Dress with Crochet Pattern

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Well, I dismantled the white dress: I repeat all the photos of this dress . I found something else - the same dress, but it is connected from the yarn thicker, loose and the size is bigger: The dress consists of strips connected by three different motifs and connected by a pattern. Scheme # 1 and sample: Scheme # 2 with the sample: Well, and a strip of small flowers: First, the diagram was drawn, and when I began to knit the pattern, I realized that I drew wrong - I missed the fact that there is a row of columns without a crochet. So sorry for the embarrassment: oops: The scheme of uninterrupted knitting - a sample photographed in two stages. And yet - drawn on the diagram columns with 1 cape, and I linked with two - it's up to you how best.

Well, here is a sample of the connection of the motives (the diagram of the connection is shown in Scheme No. 1): It is possible to develop schemes for the uninterrupted knitting of all motifs, but I am not strong in this and could only disassemble the flowers. The bands are connected in the same sequence as in the photo. Mittens are connected by motive number 1

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