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Do you think only small decorative dogs wear warm sweaters in winter? Large breed dogs also love heat. Convenience is the most important thing for them in clothes, and such a fashionable military-style poncho does not hinder movement and does not interfere with outdoor games. Prepare your pets winter clothes.

For knitting you will need
200 g melange khaki yarn (75% wool, 25% polyamide 150 g / 300 m),
100 g of olive color yarn (75% wool, 25% polyamide 150 g / 300 m),
hook number 4.
Product size
Size in chest girth - 68-70 cm, back length - 60-62 cm.


SSN - double crochet;
SB - single crochet;
PST with / n - semi-column with double crochet;
VP - air loop.
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How to tie a poncho for a dog
Link 37 different types of squares of three circular rows according to the scheme 2 of the melange yarn.

Yarn olive color to tie the squares, replacing CST PST with / n, simultaneously connecting the columns connecting the squares to each other in the order indicated in diagram 1.

At your discretion, you can smooth the angle between the jumper on the stomach and the side of the poncho (see diagram 1), knitting the PST with / n.

Thread the tips of the thread, steam the poncho - a warm new dress is ready!

Care Tips
1. Wash products from blended yarn in a soap solution with the addition of ammonia. At 2.5 liters of water will require 50 g of soap and 5 drops of ammonia.

2. Clothes for dogs often get dirty, respectively, often washed. Use for her knitting blended yarn - wool with the addition of acrylic, polyamide, microfiber. This will add strength to the thread and keep the product from shrinking.

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