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An elegant crocheted top is a godsend for a summer holiday. Female openwork top schemes and step by step description. 

Dimensions: 36/38  
• 100 g white, 20 g red, 10 g yellow, turquoise and violet yarn (100% mercerized cotton, 240 m / 50 g) 
• hook number 2 
• multi-colored beads 

Attention! We recommend to make a top-size pattern in full size. 

Circle: tie a chain of 3 sur. n and close it 1 com. Art. into the ring. Next, knit, evenly performing the additions: 1-7th, 11-14th, 18-21st p.: Art. s / n; 8th, 10th, 15th, 17th, 22nd p.: Art. b / n; 9th, 16th b.: Alternately Art. s / 2n, 2 vozd. . § 

Coquette: a white thread to string beads and knit by the scheme 1.  

Grid: knit according to the scheme 2. 

Knitting density Grid: 34 p. And 11 p. = 10 x 10 cm; circle = 30 x 30 cm.  

Sequence of alternating colors: 3 p. red, * 1 p. yellow, 1 p. turquoise, 1 p. purple, 1 p. red, 3 p. white, repeat from * once more, 1 p. yellow, 1 p. turquoise, 1 p. purple, 1 p. red, 1 p. white yarn = 22 p.

Work description: using crochet number 2, tie a circle in a pattern and a yoke. Pin the details to the pattern and connect with each other. On the unfilled part of the pattern, knit white yarn with a net, attaching it to the circle and the yoke. Seins of top tie with white yarn 1 p. Art. b / n

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