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An openwork pullover is knitted for beautiful women from cotton yarn with the addition of polyamide, to add shine. The pullover is connected with a beautiful and natural floral ornament, which gives the sweater an additional zest. The sleeves are decorated with a silver ribbon to match the pullover.

Size: 36/38, 40/42 and 44/46

You will need: yarn (70% cotton, 30% polyamide, 90 m / 50g - 550 (600-650) g. Blue), straight knitting needles No. 4.5, hook No. 3.5 and a silver-gray satin ribbon 4 width cm about 6 m.

Description of work: 

The main types of patterns: Elastic 1x1: 1 front loop, 1 purl knit. Openwork pattern: knits according to the scheme A, rapport constantly repeat between the arrows on 2 loops. Constantly repeat rows 1 and 2. 

Pay special attention when decreasing. Pay attention so that the number of nakid in the row corresponds to the number of loops knitted together. Only after 2 loops are reduced, will you knit rapport again.

Pattern with leaves: knit according to the pattern B. The first 2 rows of rapport knit on the needles 30 loops. Then knit 1x rows 1-48, then constantly repeat rows 15-48.

Knitting density: 17 loops with 29 rows of openwork pattern = 10 x 10 cm, 30 loops. and the 29th row of the pattern with leaves = 16 x 10 cm, the samples are made on the needles No. 4.5.

Back: Dial 90 (98-106) loops on the knitting needles and knit for a slat, starting with 1 purl row, 4.5 cm = 11 row with an elastic band. Then knit with an openwork pattern and a pattern with leaves, distribute the loops of the pattern as follows: edge, 14 (18-22) paragraph. Openwork pattern, 2 rapport patterns with leaves = 60 p., 14 (18-22) p. Openwork pattern, edging . After 32.5 (31-29.5) cm = 94 (90-86) the row from the bar should be closed on both sides for 2 (2-4) loop loops, then close in each second row 1 (2-2) x 2 loops and 4x loops = 72 (78-82) loops. After 18 (19.5-20.5) cm = 52 (56-60), from the beginning of the armhole close the row for shoulder bevels with 7 loops, then close in each second row 2x to 6 (7-8) loops. Simultaneously with the third trimming of the shoulder bevel, close the remaining 38 neck loops.

Before: Knit as a back, but for a slot at a height of 30.5 cm = 88 p. from the plank to divide the work in half and first complete the left side. Through 11 cm = 32 p. from the beginning of the slot close from the inner edge for the neck 4, then close in each 2m p. 1x 3 p., 3x 2 p., 5x 1 p. Through 9 cm = 26 p. from the beginning of the neck to perform shoulder bevel, as on the back.

Sleeves: Dial 38 (40-42) n. And knit for slats, starting with 1 out. R., 5 p. = 1.5 cm elastic. At the same time in the last r. uniformly add 20 (22-24) p. = 58 (62-66) p. From the next row, knit with an openwork pattern. In the 39th p. = 13.5 cm from the plank; close for bevels on both sides by 1 p., Then close in each 12 m p. 4x 1 p. = 48 (52-56) p. Through 102 (100-98) p. = 35 (34.5-33.5) cm from the bar close for okat on both sides 2 (2-4) items, then close in each 2nd p. 1 (2-1) x 2 p. 10 (10-12) x 1 p. And 2x 2 p. Through 9.5 (10-11) cm = 28 (30-32) p. from the beginning of okat close the remaining 12 p.

Assembly: Run shoulder seams. Tie the edges of the slit and neckline with a crochet hook 1 p. "Step by step" = Art. b. n from left to right. Run side seams and sleeve seams. Sew sleeves. Stretch satin ribbons 3 m long, in the middle of the sleeves, starting from the shoulder seam, through the openwork pattern through the holes, tie the ends into a bow.

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