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The elegant bolero jacket, knitted of polyacryl with mohair additives, is made in the shape of a simple rectangle, and narrow strips in elastic are attached to the product

Sizes: 36-40  
You will need: 200 g of Elfin sand yarn (90% polyacryl; 10% mohair. 140 m / 50 g); 
straight needles number 6: circular needles number 5.  

The main pattern: the number of loops is a multiple of 6 + 5 + 2 chrome. Knit according to the scheme, which shows persons. and izn. p. Start with 1 chrome., repeat rapport, finish with loops after rapport and 1 chrome. Repeat from 1st to 12th p. The pattern starts from 1 out. R. and ends with 1 persons. p.  
Gum, circular p: the number of loops is a multiple of 4. Knit 2 persons alternately., 2 sides.  

Knitting density: 13 p. and 24 p. = 10 x 10 cm.  

Attention! Bolero fit entirely, start from the rear middle of the upper part. Arrow on the pattern = knitting direction. 

Job Description: dial 37 points and knit the main pattern. Through 200 cm = 480 r. from the edge of the dial all the loops close. 

Assembly: fold the detail in half and sew the closed edge with a folding edge (= middle of the back of the upper part), while seating up to 21 cm. This is depicted on the pattern as rounding. Make a rear transverse seam between the upper and lower part (= from * to * on the pattern), while leaving the outer 25 cm open on both sides. 
For slats, dial around the edges of the armhole on the circular needles of 92 p. And knit with an elastic band. 
At the height of the slats 3 cm, close all the loops according to the drawing. 
On the outer edges of the bolero dial 320 n into circular needles and knit with circular p. elastic band. At the height of the strap 3 cm, all loops are free to close according to the drawing. 

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