Knitting Pullover Free Pattern

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Pullover with Openwork Rhombs 
Size: 38/40 (46/48 in) 
You will need: 700 (800) G volley ' Yarn SMC Select ' I, ' Cotton, M, ' 50 g): Straight Spokes 
Ma 5.5 and B; Circular spokes [Che 5.5, 
Cutter, spokes 5.5: alternately 
Persons "1 Lzn. 
Pattern of openwork rhombuses, spokes 
B: Number of flying multiple ' 4 + 2 
2 cROI knit Na circuit on which 
are listed only persons, p,, in R. 
Loops knit on the figure, faces. The scraper, 
Knit "Knit" 
Mn. Start with 1 CZK, and a Petele, 
Before the Raport, the beef # Raport, 
Finishing the ldaches after the Rapport 
and 1 Crom, link 1 time from 1st to 
32, then Lodtoџjat from the 5th p 
Knitting density: 15.5 L. and 18 p. 
Sleep, ' Before: Dial 74 (ITS) B. and 
Tie 5 cm Rubber bands "then knit 
Pattern of openwork rhombuses. The Nerez 
21 cm = SV P. From gum Add 
For Rukanov on both sides 1 p. and in 
Every 2nd p, 5x 1 G, 36 (100 in) 

Including the added Getley in the pattern. 
Through 49 cm = SV R. (53.5 cm = 96 R.) 
St gum close for shoulder braces 
On both sides 2 p. and d each 2nd p. 
7 x 2 (3) L. Through 58 Si 104 p. 
(52.5 cm "112 p,) of the gum close 
For shoulders on both sides another 2 liters, 
and postpone the neck cut 
Average 50 p. 
The Soorkt will pop the shoulder seams. On 
Circular spokes to translate postponed- 
L. Neck Cut, tie 
3 cm elastic Band and all loops close LA 
Drawing. On the edges of the sleeve dial 
On circular Spokes Lo 64 tie 
Straight and reverse rows of 3 cm 
Rubber band and all loops close by 
Drawing. Perform side seams 
Including the short sides of the gum 
The sleeve 

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