Wicker Free Pattern

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Materials 200 g thin acrylic yarn fuchsia, 150 g of yarn pistachio color, 100 g of yarn orange color, 50 g yarn red, blue-green, dark blue, yellow and turquoise colors; For stuffing. Hook № 4.

Types of loops
Air Loop (v. P.): In the P. Enter the hook, throw on it thread and stretch through the p. 
The column with a scale (v. S/N): To make on a hook of a scale, to enter it in P. of a chain and to draw out new P., 3 p. On a hook to be made in pairs in 2 receptions. 
Connecting column (soed.): Hook enter 8 p. chain, grab the thread and stretch it through the p. Chain and P. On the hook.

The density of knitting is 10cm = 16p. 

Description of work Attention: knit in 2 threads in a circle, stuffing the knitted part in the process of work.
Thread red color dial chain of 14 v. P. and knit art. c/N in a circle starting each p. 3 of the ascent and closing the nozzle. Art. Alternating the color of the thread in the trail. Order: * 18 cm thread of red color, 30 cm thread of blue-green color, 38 cm thread orange, 19 cm thread dark blue color, 58 cm thread pistachio color, 73 cm thread of fuchsia, 18 cm thread yellow and 30 cm thread of turquoise color *. Repeat the alternating color of the thread from * to * 5 more times. When you move one color of the thread to another, close the last art. c/N thread next color, which are then executed in. p. Lifting for the next p. At a total height of about 17 m finish knitting. 

Sew the ends of the received part. Collapse the part in a spiral shape, stitching its coils on the Side. If desired, the product can be given an oval shape, stitching coils of the spiral, as shown in the figure.

Source : http://petlya.org/614-kovrik-quotruchnoj-udavquot.html

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