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We need 100% wool 15g white and 5g pink, needles No. 36 and No. 40, pin long, pendant on key chains, small pieces of white, black, green and orange polymer clay Fimo, sponge, superglue (any). From clay we pre-mold our eyes, teeth and carrots for our hare and bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 130 degrees. We divide the white fur: 2/3 of the body, the rest is divided into 4 legs, 2 ears and a tail.

We split the main ball of wool to the cobweb, then we collect it into a cam and dump it with a needle No. 36 on the sponge constantly turning and pricking it in a chaotic order, while we don’t send a uniform balloon, we pierce our ball in the middle and fold it into the hook from the opposite side, straighten it and again roll the ball pokrugu to strengthen the loop for the keychain.

We tear off the pink wool half and also knock off the ball of the nose, roll it in the middle of the ball of white, from the middle of the nose we make frequent deep punctures to get a groove separating the bunny cheek. We split the pieces for our paws, ears, lay them out in pairs with a strip on the sponge and dump them with a needle around the whole perimeter, without forgetting to turn the parts over so that they do not fit on the sponge.

 On the one hand, we leave all the details slightly fluffed up, we roll up all the parts to the body with this fluffy place, adding a little gun to strengthen the parts together. after setting all the details, we take the needle number 40 and in a circle we refine the whole with frequent small pricks, every detail of each piece of the body until it becomes uniform and firm.

Glue our bunny eyes, tooth, and carrot in the foot. Brelochek ready))

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