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from Merino de luxe, double. Knitting needles №3 

Knitted from Merino de luxe, 280м -100гр. The upper cap of the hats №3, lower №3,5. On 42 the size has left 90 grammes. The cap goes well up to 46 sizes. I made a sample, the density of the upper cap coincided with the description, so the number of loops did not change. Ears knitted at once double in a circle. Started with 10 loops. 1l, nakid / reverse, so that there are no holes /, 4 faces, nakid, 1l, nakid, 4 persons, nakid.Pravavki through the series, as in the description. The second tab is similar. Each eye has turned out for 38 loops. By 19 she took off the pins for the bottom cap. Next on the description. 
Figure of the upper cap: for knitting in a circle
1p) * 1 persons, 1 of whom * 
2p.- * 1 person, with a crochet, without tying * 
3p.- * Loop from the napkin .. we shoot with one more crochet, 1 persons. * 
4p. * Loop with two napidov prov. out, 1f * 
further repeat with 1-4 rows. 
Tied the desired height and stitched open loops with a knitted suture, looping into a loop. 
The lower cap turned out to be denser in stitching, so the spokes are 3.5.
19 pet. 1st eye with pins, 10 pet typed from the hinges of the back of the cap, 19 pet. ear, then straight and reverse rows, stocking viscous, adding in each person. one loop from each edge. I added only 6 pet. on each side / in the upper cap for 4 loops / because of the difference in the density of the drawings. For insurance it is better to check that the shape of the cutout of the upper and lower caps coincides. After completing the excess, we take loops along the forehead. At me it turned out not 16 pet, as in the top, and 22 loops. We knit to the desired height and sew with knitted svom.V tips tie pompoms or brushes. She wrapped her cap in a row and made a tie, a chain of ca. in two strands. If the knit is knitted, then it is better to knit by the description of the MC. Recalculations in the lower cap did because of the difference in the density of binding of the top and bottom cap.

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