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Tunica Description m @ mochka with Osinki:

The main pattern: 1st row - double crochets,

2nd row - double crochet, 1 rev. loop (as in fileka),

3 row - double crochet column over the post, double crochet into the cell (under the air vent),

4th row - as 2nd row, alternating 2nd and 3rd row

We start to knit from the neckline, I gained 140 loops. We knit the collar right of the rows 15, then we expand the yoke, we make additions in the rows of solid columns - through one cell we make under the airway 2 double crochets, the next row with solid columns we knit as usual (as 3 rows). So alternate to the desired length of the coquette - I have 16 rows. Then we leave hand openings on the yoke, type 16 loops for the armpits and we knit right along the whole length of the product (if the hips are wide, you can expand it in the same way as on the yoke. The lower plank is knitted with 5-7 cm crochet. step. I hope everything is clearly written Source

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