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Today we will knit slippers, socks, knitting needles. Someone this topic may seem irrelevant, because summer is not far off, but, you see, in our huge country, the heat is not always everywhere, in some regions it will be cool for a long time, and in general the weather is capricious, so if you want to tie home Slippers, but do not know what, do not pass by, and read this master class.

You will need:

yarn 70% wool, 30% acrylic in contrasting colors
needles number 3
We type the dark thread 49 loops. 
1-2 row knit garter viscous (all facial); 
We attach a light thread. 
3-4 row - garter viscous; 
5 row— we knit with a dark thread: we remove the 1st loop (edgeband), remove the 2nd loop (the beginning of the pattern), knit the 3rd loop with the front dark thread, again remove the 4th loop, 5th facial dark thread ... 47- with the front dark thread, remove the 48th, knit the 49th purl (edge); 
6 row - we knit with a dark thread like 5 row, but when removing the loop, the working thread goes in front of the loop, i.e. on the wrong side; 
7-8 row - knit light garter stitch; 
9th row: we knit with a dark thread as the 5th row, BUT from the middle (25th) loop we knit 9 loops (persons, nakid, etc.);
10 row: as well as 6 row, and 9 loops that we gathered from the middle loop are knitted with facial loops; 
11-12 row: knit with light garter stitch; 
Repeat the 9-12 rows, until we make 7 (or as needed) increases (9 loops each); 
The following 4 rows are knitted as 5-8 rows (without increments).

If you made 7 increments, you should get 105 loops on the needles. We select the average 11 loops on the sole; we will have 47 11 47. We knit the first 47 loops with the front loops, * 10 loops with the front loops, and 11 and 12 loops together with the front loops *. Knit turn and repeat from *.

Then you can knit in different ways.

Continue knitting until there are 5 loops of sidewalls left, close them in pairs with the soles of the sole, sew the back seam 
Or continue knitting from * until the loops run out, and then grab the loops from the back, until we first knit. 
The sole can be knitted garter, better in 2 threads, and you can continue the pattern of the top.

As practice has shown, it is better to start knitting with a 1x1 rubber band, at least 4 rows, since the sled is very puffy, but on the other hand, it is almost universal in size.


So we tied slippers slippers with their own hands!

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