Beautiful Cat Scarf Free Pattern

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In this case, I used the yarn. Yarn Super Excellence (Magic) Composition: 49% wool 51% acrylic, 228 m, 100 gr.

Using the above yarn, you need to buy 2 gray and 1 white (300 grams). White yarn consumes very little (approx. 50 gr.), And if you slightly change the order of the rinses on the legs, you can reduce the consumption of the buckle 1 white and 1 gray. (200 gr.)

For the main part of the cat, I type 50 loops (needles No. 4 ) and I knit strips - alternating 4 rows of gray, 2 rows of white - for 80 cm
then 20 cm - gray yarn. It turns out 1 meter. 

I’m picking up 25 loops on my legs and alternating rows of knitting for a length of 15 cm, a tail for 15 loops and a length of 20-25 cm. 

Now head 
1. I’m putting together 40 loops and knitting 40 rows with a frontal stitch, closing the loops. 
2. As a filler I use a synthetic winterizer.

3. I give the square the necessary shape. 

Now the muzzle 
1. I gather 25 loops and I knit about 8-10 cm with the front surface 
We fill with padding polyester 3. We give the necessary shape. 

4. Dark thread denote the mouth 

5. And sew a muzzle to the head 

I do not know what to call it - something like a nose, but what is called a cat, I'm sorry I do not know.

I type 6-7 loops, show a height of about 5-6 cm, then sew this pimka. 

We sew it on the muzzle 

With a crochet knit triangles and nose, needles (10 loops, 4 rows of the front satin) eyebrows, which we sew on the muzzle 

It turns out this muzzle 

We knit the ears, 2 gray squares (14 loops, 14 rows of the facial satin) and 2 white squares ( 12 loops, 12 rows with the front 

satin stitch) We sew them and sew them to the muzzle 

In the front legs, which are stitched, insert the syntheon.

In principle, everything, we sew all the parts where they should be, we glue our eyes and Vasek is ready.

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