Knitting Winter Weight Tunic Free Pattern

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Knitting Winter Weight Tunic Size 42/44 
You will need: 
• 550 g of yarn 
King Bu filtes 
Color n206 
N25, 5 • Hook nq5 
• A needle for wool with a 
Rounded End, Patterns Spokes: Hollow Re- (Beginning and end). 
Elastic band 1/1. Elastic band 2/2. Persons. 
Surface. Platinum binding. Openwork 
Pattern (knit on 25 p.): According to the scheme, 
Needle: Stitches for closing hollow 
Crochet: "The next Step": Knit, 
As art. Without a scale, but from left to right. 
Density of knitting 
Persons. On the spokes N25, 5: 
13 p. and 10Х10SM. 

Order of work 
Back: On the spokes Dial 64 p. and 
Knit Fringe-2 p. Hollow Rubber Band, 
Then continue with the rubber band 2x2. Che 
14 cm Overall height to continue 
Persons. Smooth, kill in the first row 2 
P. 27 cm from the edge of 50 p.), for 
Forming sleeves Add on 
Sides: In each 2nd P. 1 P. 4 times, 
2 p.-2 times, 3 p., b p., 14 p.- 
One time. After 13 cm after the end of 
Additions for sleeves (= 24 p.) 
Must knit all loops of the Platin 
Viscous. Through Z cm (= 8 p.) Close 
All loops. 
Before: On the spokes Dial 64 p. and 
To knit the Fringe in a similar way to 
Back. After 14 cm of total height 
In the first row of the p. and prolong the 
Live knit in this way: 18 p. 
25 p. openwork pattern, 18 p. 
Facial. 27 cm from the edge (= 50 
P.) to form sleeves similarly 
The way on the backrest. After 13 cm 
The end of additions for the hand- 
(= 24 p.) Continue to knit all 
Loop binding. After 3.5 cm 
(= 8 p.) Close all loops, 
Assembling and finishing 
Perform shoulder seams and sew 
The top of the sleeves by 31 cm. Sleep 
To dial 63 p. At the bottom edge of the 
Sleeves and knitted 1 cm rubber band 1х1; 
Continue the hollow rubber Band-4 rows, 
Then close the loops with the help of a needle. 
Perform lateral and underarm 
Seams. Crochet Handle the neck 
Front and back: 1 circular series "R- 
Whose step. " 

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