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Chic pullover will surely become your favorite. It is associated with the emerald color of warm yarn with luxurious patterns of braid.

For size: 36-38 (44-46) European or 42-44 (50-52) Russian we will need:

Further description of the author from the magazine Sabrina Knitting female pullover spokes with a pattern of braid.

For the backrest (front) Dial 89 (107) Pet. and knit: Cropee, 18 (27) Pet. Pattern of Braid, 51 pet. Centre. Pattern, 18 (27) Pet. Pattern of Braid. The crown. After 18 rows (9 cm) from the inlaid edge we start to knit on both sides on top of the pattern of braid Platochne. Viscous, thus in the first row evenly reduce 4 (6) pet. = from two sides on 14 (21) pet. The scarf. Mating = 81 (95) pet. Through 106 series (51.5 cm) from the inlaid series (i.e. after 16 rows of pattern, start knitting on the average 11 pet. Pattern for the collar, while doing a total of 16 pet., As indicated = 65 (79) pet. We make these ubcaps to align the pattern (do not count on pattern). Through 122 series or 59.5 cm (126 rows or 61.5 cm) from the inlaid of the row from two sides close for shoulders external 16 (21) Pet. And postpone the average 33 (37) pet. For the collar.

Sleeves: Collect 39 (45) pet. and knit Cropee, 9 (12) pet. The scarf. Viscous, 19 pet. Rhomb with Coconuts, 9 (12) pet. The scarf. Viscous, Cropee. In the Rhomb with the coconuts first knit two times from the first to the sixth row, then repeat from 7 to 36 rows. For extensions of sleeves from the beginning of knitting we make additions from two parties in each 14 row six times on one pet. The scarf. Mating = 51 (57) pet. At an altitude of 47 cm (96 rows) from the beginning of knitting close from two sides for Okata 5 pet. And in each second row 3 times on five pet. Close the remaining 11 (17) Pet. At an altitude of 51 cm (104 series) from the beginning of knitting.
Sew on humeral seams. Loops that were put on the collar are translated into circles. Knitting and knitting a large pearl pattern, in the first circles. Row on the side lines of two pet. Together Iznan. = 64 (72) Pet. When the height of the collar reaches 8.5 cm, close the loop pattern. Sew sleeves According to a pattern, stitch on lateral seams and seams of sleeves.

Pattern and pattern knitting patterns for female pullover spokes.

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