Black tracery bolero free pattern

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Dimensions: 38-40 

you will need: yarn (70% cotton, 30% rayon, 400 m / 100 g) -250 g of black needles №2,5, hook № 2,5,2 buttons. 

Attention! Before you start, follow the pattern in full size and all the necessary reductions and additions follow the pattern. 

The main pattern: knit with needles No. 2.5. The number of loops is a multiple of 8 + 1 + 2 chrome. loops. Knit under the scheme, which shows only persons. ranks in izn rows all loops knit out. With 2 inlays in a row remove the 1st nap; remove the 2nd nap; knit the inside. Start with 1 chrome. n. and loops before rapport, repeat rapport, finish loops after rapport and 1 chrome. n. Repeat the pattern from the 1st to the 8th row. 

Border: crochet №2.5 crocheted with crochets (Art. S / n).

Knitting density: the main pattern is -16 p. X 26 rows = 10x10 cm. 

Back: type 67 p., Knit the main pattern. At a height of 22 cm from the typesetting edge, close on both sides in each 2nd row 5 times x 3 points for shoulder bevels. At a height of 26 cm from -. typesetting edge, close the remaining 37 p. 

Left shelf: type 35 p., knit the main pattern, performing on the right side of subtraction for the side bevel in accordance with the pattern. To do this, close each 6th row 10 times x 1 p. At a height of 21 cm from the typing edge, close the remaining 25 p. 

Right shelf: knit symmetrically.

Sleeves: type 35 p., Knit the main pattern. At a height of 10 cm from the set edge, add for bevels of the sleeves on both sides in 1 of every 13th row 8 times x 1 p. = 51 p., Including the added loops in the pattern. At a height of 53 cm from the edge of the dial all the loops close. 

Assembly: perform shoulder seams, sew in sleeves, perform side seams and sleeve seams. Bind the bottom edge, the edges of the shelves and the neckline with a border. Sew on buttons.

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