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Anne Bolt: 
"Rubber on the hands of and the governor of 1/1, threads of the rear of the winter season, the button 4.5, the color of him is not on the whole of the picture, the band of the needle and the closure of the closure of the closure of the closure. 

This is a beautiful double-sided swing. It is more elastic and frail than usual and will be suitable for knitting panels, fences, rollers. It must be so easy: only with the help of the person loops and non-rotary loops are removed untied. For the sample, a number of loops are collected, plus 4, plus 3 lenses for the symmetry of the pattern, plus 2 strong lobes. 

1 order: * 3 faces, 1 net to remove the uncontrolled thread before the working *, 3 faces; 
2 steps: 1 person, 1 net to remove the uncontrolled, thread before work, 1 lye, * 2 persons, 1 to remove unconnected, thread before work, 1 person *. 
Farther from the other side, they swerve from the first.


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