Crochet Cup Base Tutorial

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We will need: 
Yarn of two colors, hook, thread and needle, glue "moment" and plastic eyes. 

1. We knit three air loops, we enclose them in a ring. In this ring we knit 6 columns without a crochet (st.b / n). We finish the series with a connecting post. In the next row we knit 12 tbsp. b / n. In each subsequent row, we evenly add 6 tbsp. b / n. Thus we knit a circle of the diameter we need.

2. Then take the needle, insert into it a piece of black yarn and stitch the strip with the "back needle" stitch that will represent the wings of our cow. 
3. Now we knit the head: to untie the black yarn from the cloth of 8 tbsp. b / n., turn over the work and bind another 8 st.b / n., turn over again. make two deductions on both sides of the head (6 st. b / n), turn over, make two more deductions (4 st.b / n), cut the thread. 
4. Tie the resulting stock of black yarn starting from the opposite side from the head, at the end of the row we make a loop of 10-15 air loops. 
5. Now we knit mugs of black yarn, they will represent specks on the wings of the cow. I knitted for 6 pieces, each spot from three circular rows. 
6. Now we sew the mugs to the wings of our ladybug, we get:
7. This item is optional, but if desired, you can glue our cows eyes. I make it a glue "moment." 
Can be used as a stand for hotter. 

Source : https://www.livemaster.ru/

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