Knitted Dragonfly Free Pattern

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For the work we will need:

Yarn 100% cotton of different colors (we have gray for the body, for wings-blue/blue);
Filler for toys;
Hook (I used 1.75);
2 sequins/eye beads;
A needle with a large ear;

RVN-a column without a scale;

SS-Connecting column;

PRSs-a column with a scale;

PRSPs is a half-column with a scale;

OL-The increase (Vyvyazit from one column two);

UB-to bring two columns together;

[...] is the number of loops in a row in square brackets.


Starting to knit from the head.

Knit finished rows (VP rise at the beginning of the series and SS at the end).

We take a suitable thread, we have gray:

 * If you don't know what the Amaguumi ring is, you can replace it with an air loop. Knit 2 air loops, then in the first of them-6 columns without a scale. 

     6 SBN in the Ring of Amaguumi [6]
     6 OL [12]
4.  2 rows of 12 SBN [12]
 Stuffing the head with filler

 5.6 UB [6]

This is the head of a dragonfly. Without a break of a thread we shall tie out a calf.

In the last row we got 6 SBN. Knitting will continue only for 3 of them!

 6. PR, SBN, OL [5]

7-8.2 rows of 5 SBN [5]

9. UB, SBN, UB [3] 

Fasten and trim the thread.

Grasp the thread again to the head.

Further the EAP and the similar way knit on the left three columns without a scale rows from 6 to 9. Only this time do not cut the thread at the end.

That's the two halves we get. Backrest and tummy. Now we need to unite them.

To do this, put them together and Proyazyuyuem 1 SBN, UB. 

The hook passes both through the near and through the far halves of the trunk, through!

Then we dial 13 EAP. 

This will be the skeleton of our tail.

Starting from the second loop from the hook knit:

3 cc, 5 SBN, 4 PRSPs, and with the help of SS attach to the body Strekozki.

All the thread is fastened and trimmed, leaving the tip for the stitching. The body is ready.


Take a thread of the desired color, dial 18 VP, then in the 5th loop from the hook knit PRSs, then the VP. Skip 1 Loop on the chain and in the next knitting again PRSs, VP and so to the end. We get these kind of arki.

Here's the diagram:

Now we'll tie them up.

Without turning the cloth-continue to knit in the arch side-VP, 6 PRSs.

Then the SBN in each loop on the long side of the wing, again in the side arch-7 PRSs, RVN in each loop along the long side and finish the SS in the first PRSs.

That's what the ready wing looks like.

The thread is fixed, trimmed, the tip is quietly tucked.

The second wing knitting on exactly the same principle, only not on 18, and on 24 EAP.

Now we insert our wings between the backrest and the tummy. Straighten. And the remaining tip of the gray thread (from the trunk and tail) sew them for reliability. and hide the tips.

Only the eyes are left to be embroidered.

I have these sequins and big beads.

The Dragonfly is ready to fly!

It can become a complement to the toy, and a magnet on the refrigerator, brooch, a little... And all that is enough for your imagination!

Source : https://www.livemaster.ru/topic/1283043-vyazhem-kryuchkom-zabavnuyu-strekozu?msec=24

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