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You will need: 50 g of cotton yarn 'Iris' lilac and pink flowers; 36 plastic rings with a diameter of about 3 cm; hook number 1.5.

Tie 18 ringlets with "Iris" of lilac color with single crochets according to the scheme and close them into a ring. The following 18 ringlets are also tied with crochets without crochet, but in two colors: lilac "Iris" from below, and pink "Iris" from above. Tie two Caterpillar cords in a size equal to the volume of the head, connect them into rings and hem it underneath to the rim of the rings, connect the two rims to each other with a second cord.

Cord "Caterpillar" do the following: dial 3 VP, enter the hook in the first VI and tie the column without nakida, turn the work from right to left, enter the hook in the loop on the left and tie the SCN on the side loop, again turn the work from right to left and tie the SBN on the side relief loop. Tie one row by connecting the rings to each other along the top edge: at the top of the ring are 1 SBN, 6 VP and repeat this way until the end of the row. Then tie 5 rows of grid alternating 1 sc and 9 cp. For the design of the bottom of the cap, tie the arcs of 20 - 25 VP and collect all the arcs into one point, it will be the top of the cap.

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