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This pullover, connected to very thick knitting needles, looks just fine with a sweater or sweater. 

Model from the magazine “Verena. Fashionable knitting »  

S / M (L / XL) 

Caps of 
102 (110) cm 

72 cm 

Ba need 
Yarn (40% polyacryl, 30% mokher, 30% polyamide; 37 m / 50 g) 650 (750) g ​​of sulfur ; Knitting needles number 9, 10 and 20; 1 auxiliary needle. 


Poperemenno litsevaya 1, 1 iznanochnaya. 

Braided pattern 
of the 1st order (= person. Row): 1 Facing the front end, * 2nd loop, with the front face loop looped with the 1st loop, then fasten the 1st loop with the face loop *, constantly * constantly, turn it, and turn the loop.
2nd row (. = PHI number): 1 kromochnaya Wrong, 1 iznanochnaya * 2nd loop knit pered 1st loop iznanochnoy, then 1st petlyu knit iznanochnoy * mezhdy * constantly povtoryat, zakonchit 1 iznanochnoy 1 edge trimming. 

1st + 2nd rows constantly re-enter. 

Hinges additionally recruited from the edge, ie at the end of the front row, execute 1 patched front and 1 crossed face. 

At the end of the inside row, perform 1 edge side seam and 1 side gaps. 

Shortened rows
Litsevye pyady: left ĸray (4 loops) = Knit to poslednix 5 loops sleduyuschie 2 loops removed from pomoschyu rabochey thread of the work, rabotu povepnut 1 petlyu stay on the right cpitsu, next loop ostavit on vcpomogatelnoy spitse the work, the following loop stay with the help of a working thread, before work and, with a pair of knitting needles, knit it with a purl, and close it up to the end. 

Wrong rows: right edge (for 5 hinges) = knit up to the following main frames of the main windows, next 2 eyes to remove with the help of a working yarn, turn the work, turn the noose, 1 loop to the right needle, the next hinge thread, turn the work, turn the 1 loop to the right needle, next horn with the help of the working thread behind the work, fasten the front face on the auxiliary needle, tie the row to the end.

For the other Loops, knit with the same pattern, but for 5 loops, knit to the last 6 loops; for 6 loops knit up to the last 7 loops; for 7 stitches knit up to the last 8 stitches. 

Knitting density 
9 p. X 6 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by knitting needles No. 20. 

Execution of the 

Back by the 
Italian way to execute a set of loops: on the needles No. 9, type 21 (23), p. = 41 (45), p., Through 4 rows, go to the needles No. 10 and knit with rubber. 

After 8 cm from the initial row, additionally add to one purse row, equally distributing, 5 loops = 46 (50) points, switch to needles No. 20 and then knit with a woven pattern.

After 38 cm from the initial row (measure, weighing), for the bevel of the rikva, additionally dial from both sides in each 2nd row 8 x 1 p. = 62 (66) p. 

58 cm from the initial row (measure, suspended) for the shoulder bevel knit with shortened rows, while on the front side put 4 (3) x 4 p. And 1 (2) x 6 p. ., 3 x 4 p., 1 x 5 (7) p. 

At the end, close the middle 18 loops, at the same time cross the loops according to the pattern. 

Knit as well as back, but with a deep V-shaped top. To do this, after 32 cm from the starting row, separate the work in the middle for cutting, and from both sides, additionally dial 1 ĸ paddle = 24 (26). Next, knit one by one.

Bevel ruvava perform at the same height as on the back, and in the same way. 

After the 6th set of additional hinges, close for the floor 1 x 5 points, then close each 2 nd row more than 1 x 2 points and 3 x 1 points, while crossing the loops cross the secret zozory. 

Do the shoulder bevel at the same height as on the back and in the same way. 

Put the rest of the loop for the humeral shoulder on the needle, with the loop at this intersect according to the figure. 

At the end, sew the edge looped seam. 

Stretch the edge loops of the neckline into a long one, turn it back to the wrong side and sew it with a thin thread. 

Horizontal strip
At the edge of the mouth of the needles No. 10, set 39 p. (Back of the neck = 11 p., Part of the neck of the front = 14 p.), While paying attention to the needles to enter the lower connecting point of the edges. Tie 2 rows of facial and 2 rows from the side, then close the loop. 

After 4 rows for the collar stand in the Italian way, perform a set of loops: on needles No. 9, dial 20 items = 39 items. Next, go to the needles No. 10 and knit with elastic. 

When you tall the collar 9 cm, put the collar in front of the webs of the neck strap and then permanently tie up one loop of the collar with the first loop of the collar, then knit 3 more rows with the front face (=. Rows. Sew on the inner side of the stitching. 

Straps armhole
In the case of each hand, draw 39 needles into the spokes, grabbing only the inner wall of the crowing of the loops, and linking 1 row of individuals. Loops to leave. 

For the strap, set the hinges in the Italian way: on needles No. 9, dial 18 stitches = 35 p. After 4 rows go to needles No. 10 and knit with rubber. With a width of 6 cm, sew the loops with a stitching to the loops. 

Make the side seams. 

Tape hinges at the edges of the cut stretch in length, turn back to the wrong side and sew. ‍ ‌

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