Slippers boots free pattern

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Type the 
thread 49 loops. 

1-2 row 
knit garter viscous (all facial); 

We attach a 

3-4 row 
- garter viscous; 

5 row 
- we knit with a 
thread: we remove the 1st loop (edgeband), remove the 2nd loop (the beginning of the pattern), knit the 3rd loop with the front 
thread, again remove the 4th loop , 5th facial 
thread ... 47- with the front 
thread, remove the 48th, knit the 49th purl (edge); 

6 row 
- we knit with a 
thread like 
5 row 
, but when removing the loop, the working thread goes in front of the loop, i.e. on the wrong side; 

7-8 row 
- knit 
light garter stitch knitting 

9th row 
: we knit with a 
thread as 
the 5th row 

from the middle (25th) loop we knit 9 loops (persons, nakid, etc.); 

10 row 
: as well as 
6 row 
, and 9 loops that we gathered from the middle loop are knitted with facial loops; 

11-12 row 
: knit with 
light garter stitch 

Repeat the 
9-12 rows 
, until we make 7 (or as needed) increases (9 loops each); 

The following 4 rows are knitted as 
5-8 rows 
(without increments). 

if you made 7 increments, you should get 105 loops. We select the average 11 loops on the sole; we will have 47 11 47. We knit the first 47 loops with the front loops, * 10 loops with the front loops, and 11 and 12 loops together with the front loops *. Knit turn and repeat from *. 

Then you can knit in different ways. 

Continue knitting until there are 5 loops of sidewalls left, close them in pairs with the soles of the sole, sew the back seam 
Or continue knitting from * until the loops run out, and then grab the loops from the back, until we first knit. 
The sole can be knitted garter, better in 2 threads, and you can continue the pattern of the top. 

As practice has shown, it is better to start knitting with a 1x1 rubber band, at least 4 rows, since the sled is very puffy, but on the other hand, it is almost universal in size.

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